Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Another Favor!!!

It is time again for me to ask a "favor" of all my dear friends and family. The month of November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and I am asking EVERYONE I know to PLEASE wear Purple on Fridays for the month to spread awareness..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alan Jackson--Grandma's song

Because I didnt know how to put this on my previous post, I made 2 post.. Somewhere on my computer is the video we made for Grandma Ila, Someday I will find it and you can all enjoy it! Make sure that you pause your music to enjoy this song..

We love you Grandma Ila..

Paul's amazing mom that has FOUGHT one HELL of a fight since Toree was little, decided she had had enough with Dialysis and everything else the poor lady went through, Paul and I flew to rigby last weekend to see her and ended up getting all the arrangemeet made. And 2 days later she passed away on October 27..

If you ask Tanner she is in Heaven with Sweet Preslee riding horses, Grandma's favorite thing. But, never fear Tanner also shared with everyone that Grandma found Jesus real easy, because Preslee was there before her so she know how to get to Jesus Fast....

It was however strange to hear some of his siblings talk, Not all of them are LDS and to hear them talk about only living together until they die and NOT being together forever, Really got me pondering on the thought of how sad that is for them to feel that way.

It made me think of my sweet friends the Sullenger's (aka--Preslee's AMAZING parents) and some for the post she has put on her blog since the passing of Pres, I am so glad that I have the knowledge of knowing I will agian live with my family and that our time on earth is really nothing but a blink in time of the FOREVER we will share.. I thank the Sullenger's again for being not only My Families Rock at this time, But also the thousands of other people that have been blessed by hearing their story..

We love you Grandma Ila, have fun in heaven watching out for us EVERYDAY.. WE love you...