Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Genetic Evaluation=GREAT confusion ans NOT many answers

As some of you may know in Feb. Tanner finally had a Genetic Panel Test done at PCMC.
Well on Wednesday of last week we were finally able to get into the Specialist to have them tell us what they found.
Apparently even his Genetic results show he continues with the
 shocking I know!
His 12th chromosome on the LONG P arm is missing a piece.
What exactly does that mean???
I have no clue!!!!!
They want us to do some more testing with Paul and I.
And that test only cost $5,000.00 for each of us.
CRAZY, I know.
They say that with this chromosome abnormality his diagnoises dont really make sense.
That with this 12th chromosome breakage BEHAVIORS that they see in Tanner is NOT common.
So, to sum it up I am still as confused about GENETICS as I was when they first called.
Hopefully when they send the report I will be able to read it an research it more...

On a side note the house is coming along GREAT!
All the painting is done.
So we wait for it to dry so we can get pictures hung!
And vinyl on the walls.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We are moving!! AGAIN!!!

I know AGAIN!!!!!

For those of you that know me well you know how often we move!
And yes it has been 2 years.
So, it is time....AGAIN!!
This time though is a BIG move.
We are actually BUYING!
It is a small 3 bedroom house.
With a HUGE yard.
I NEVER moved as a child.
Where as my husband moved alot.
So, I use his moving us around as a time to DE-CLUTTER!!
And oh boy have I with this move.
We have LOTS of work ahead of us.
Painting, Yardwork, Decorating.
If I would have been thinking I would have posted BEFORE pictures.
Maybe I will get some tomorrow.
Now that we have the biggest part of the pick up done.
Now the fun begins.
Toree wants a HOT PINK room.
Tanner and Tayson are having a RED DEVIL/ Cars room.
I get to paint my kitchen ANY color I want and to tell you the truth I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Here's to our next final move!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Helicopter Mom-- yeap thats me.

This is always the HARDEST part of the year with Tanner.
This will be his 5th school in 6 years.
Mostly because they have decided it wasnt the right school for Tanner...
His behaviors are increasing, and he is getting bigger
I will be the Mom.
The Mom of a child with AUTISM.
That most people try to understand,
but when they see it happen they dont know what to do.
Over the last little while I have come to realize that I am a.........
Helicopter Mom!!
I am sure this is coming to you all as a HUGE SHOCK--LOL
But yes I have decided I need to lay low for awhile.
Let Tanner do his thing.
Let the meltdowns come.
Let the phone calls begin.
Let the sleepless nights come to an end.
Let the teachers take care of business.
Let everyone see his "true" colors.

I have been taking the boys to Summer School for the last 3 weeks...
Tanner is suppose tostart his day at 8 am (LOL).
Well that didnt workout so well,
He goes to school at 11 with Tayson.
And I am suppose to pick them up at 1:30.
Well I usually get tanner out of the car and to class by 1145.
Tayson is already to go and practically JUMPS out of the car when we get there.
Then I get to classroom and he runs out the door.
I try to leave with him in the good hands of his teacher,
And he runs.
We take him to recess and he runs.
Tanner has RAN away from school before and I am scared he will again.
So I hauver.
I make sure he is safe.
I make sure his classmates are Safe.
And then I go home for 45 minutes before I have to go get him and Tayson.

Its a crazy life being a HELICOPTER MOM!!
but at least I am letting him SOAR!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

2 years...Since Tanner said good-bye to his BEST FRIEND.

I woke this morning and was getting the boys ready for Summer School.
Tanner was fighting it as per-normal.
Tayson was ready to go.
Tanner didnt sleep at all last night also per-normal lately.
When he finally did wake up all he did was cry...
He cried at school.
He cried when I picked him up.
He cried on the way to grandma's house.
He cried just sitting on the couch.
When I aksed him why he was so sad today he looked at me,
 and said you woke me up.!!!
I apologized and said well Bud you had to get up.
He said he was dreaming of riding horses with Grandma Ila and Preslee.
I cried with him.
Preslee was his "girlfriend"
He loved his Preslee.
He has talked about her often over the last 2 years since her accident.
He prays for her EVERY day.
He asked about her all the time.

Her Parents Pat and Ashley were always so wonderful with Tanner,
I miss them!
He misses them..
They are AMAZING people.
Go to their blog page at
and read their AMAZING story
 you will see WHY
Tanner LOVES them so much.

That is when it hit me!
Poor Tanner's little heart is breaking all over again for his Pres.
I cant ev en imagine what it is like for Ashley and Pat.
But I can tell you.
Preslee, Grandma Ila and Tanner have
been riding horse together in his dreams.
They went for a walk in the park.
They had sno-cones with the JUICE!
Sorry Ashley, Tanner let her have Juice.
And well it just goes to prove have thin that veil is between Tanner and Heaven,...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Its ok to cry!!!

It is funny how when you are feeling a certain way and then all of the sudden you turn to your trustly Blog-Land friends and they are all feeling or experiencing the same thing..
You know those days when you cry because the sun is out!
You cry because its cloudy!
You cry because your kids wont help... WITH ANYTHING!
You cry because your house is a MESS!
I cry because it is all just to much!
I cry not knowing what the future holds for Tanner!
I cry because I have 14 yr old daughter that has way too much to handle for a 14yr old girl!
I cry because I am SAD!!
I cry because I dont sleep worrying if Tayson will seize again.
OK, apparently I am a BOOB!!

I have those times when I cry I cry so hard it hurts the next day kinda cry!
Those from the tips of your toes all the way through you body kinda cries!

They dont happen often and it takes alot for me to admit I cry,
Its nice to see I am not  the only one that has those kinda days!!
Thank you to all of you in BLOG-LAND for sharing your stories.
For letting me realize it is OK to cry,
It is ok to breakdown some days and just let those tears fall!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well I am one proud Mama!!!
Tanner returned home from camp yesterday and at Camp they always give out some kind of award.
Well this year Tanner won for..............
"Most Polite Camper"
Thats right out of all 50 campers
He was the most POLITE!!!
Kinda made my day.

After picking him up it was off to Bear Lake for some FUN in the sun.
Boy, it was a BEAUTIFUL day there.
Which with Tayson in tow that is always an accomplishment!!
Thank you to Marci for "smoothering" him in block before we got there.
Pictures will follow!
But we sure had a GREAT time
And Paul even got to go with us!