Thursday, July 5, 2012

Its ok to cry!!!

It is funny how when you are feeling a certain way and then all of the sudden you turn to your trustly Blog-Land friends and they are all feeling or experiencing the same thing..
You know those days when you cry because the sun is out!
You cry because its cloudy!
You cry because your kids wont help... WITH ANYTHING!
You cry because your house is a MESS!
I cry because it is all just to much!
I cry not knowing what the future holds for Tanner!
I cry because I have 14 yr old daughter that has way too much to handle for a 14yr old girl!
I cry because I am SAD!!
I cry because I dont sleep worrying if Tayson will seize again.
OK, apparently I am a BOOB!!

I have those times when I cry I cry so hard it hurts the next day kinda cry!
Those from the tips of your toes all the way through you body kinda cries!

They dont happen often and it takes alot for me to admit I cry,
Its nice to see I am not  the only one that has those kinda days!!
Thank you to all of you in BLOG-LAND for sharing your stories.
For letting me realize it is OK to cry,
It is ok to breakdown some days and just let those tears fall!!

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