Sunday, April 29, 2012

15 YEARS!!!!

I can honestly say I can NOT even believe I am posted this!!!
15 years ago I met Paul.
Some would say on this day 15 years ago I met...
My soulmate!
My best friend!
The love of my Life!
The father of my children!
The man I was going to marry!!

Well, I am just going to post
Yes he is the Father of my Children!
Yes he was the man I married!
YeAh I guess I love him!! -LOL

But for me to be extermely honest.
Which let's face it that is why I blog!
To vent out my true feeling!
I can say!!!
15 years is a LONG @$$ time!!

and here is to 15 more!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This maybe a VERY touchy subject for some,

Do you Vaccinate your children??

All three of my children are Vaccinated.
I have one son on that is apparently 1 in 88.
Amoung other issues
I have a son with Epilepsy.
I have a daughter with ADD/ADHD.
When I was working in a Dr's office I did vaccinations DAILY!
I have MANY MANY friends that DO NOT vaccinate.
(And yes we are still friends)

There is MORE and MORE counterversies (sp) especially with April being Autism Awareness Month and the new CDC numbers coming out with the increase in Autism Diagnosises.
1 in 88
1 in 54 boys!

I know in my heart of hearts that my son was born with AUTISM.
I know that it could be worse.
I know that Epilepsy runs like WILD-FIRE on my side of the Family,
I know that ADD/ADHD is in The Spatig-Blood.-LOL

But. yet I still have had my children vaccinated.
Some I am fearfull of.
 That is the shots Tayson received 6 days before his first seizure.
But through MRI's and CT Scans I know now that is NOT what caussed his seizure.
Tanner has been on the end of Developmental Delay since the day I had him..
I knew it from that DAY!!
But, none of the Doctors I took him to would test him.

I would LOVE to send them a copy of the
213 pages!!!
I have of Doctors and Specialist and Evals
 that I know have in his chart.
I am not even really sure if that is all of them,
And yet again we are off for MORE eval and testing!
Each Doctor we see tells me there is too much going on.
I had one Doctor tell me that it was out of her scope.
For that I was THANKFUL,
that she didnt continue to "play" with his
Medication and therapies
that we not necessary.

I have rambled on and on!
But I am still curious...
Do you vaccinate your children??
Have you noticed any "developmental delays" that were not there before???

Monday, April 23, 2012

Special Olympics Season is ON!!!

Yes!! my son won a GOLD medal in Basketball.
The Red Devils would be PROUD!!!
And the fact that he won GOLD in Star Valley makes it even a sweeter VICTORY!!
Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and I all went with him..
No, Toree and Tayson you say..
Well see those lazy bums wouldnt get out of bed to drive to Star Valley Saturday morning.
So they got LEFT!
Ha, that will teach them..
We had a ball.
ENJOY the pictures

He even carried in the Banner!

Baskelball Players and Clay's Dad!
We all are in tye-dye!

He would have made the Red Devils Proud!!!
Basketball Camp paid off.

Look even Dad came with us!
Grandpa was there too,
but hid from the camera.

LOVE this Kiddo

Tanner, Cody, and Samuel

Clay and Tanner

That's RIGHT people that is how we ROLL!!!!

 Ok, so in this one he wasnt so HAPPY!! It could have "POSSIBLY" be that
I was Screaming and Clapping Like a CRAZY fool!!!
 I was one proud Mama!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

OHHH!!! What to share with you today???

When Paul started this blog over 3 years ago I had just the NORMAL (that word makes me LAUGH) everyday life...
And I thought OH!! how nice a blog for me to share our pictures and Adventures with our friends and Family that dont live by us!!!
And Now look at this BLOG it looks like a TOTAL Tanner/Autism Awareness Page!!
But that is our life now!
It is what we do!
It is what I do EVERYDAY!!
*I want so bad to post that Tanner is a "NORMAL" almost 12 year old boy-
playing baseball, soccer, hangin' with is buddies at the skate park, riding his bike to the park for some Basketball.
But that is not what I have to share.
I have NEW Doctor visits!
In school Suspentions!
Therapy appointments!
Special Olympics practices and events!
That is what WE do now!!

I have 3 Children and they all EquALLY keep me RUNNING around like a hicken with my head cut off.
But 2 of my 3 children spent too much time at Specialist office and well Toree is starting to spent WAY too much time at the ER and Hospital Physical Therapist offices. ( dont ask!!! All I have to say is the PE teachers here are ROUGH!! and you should NOT play tug a war with TOREE!!) Last year it was a broken foot this year a torn ligament in the her knee and YES it is the same LEG!!!
 So, may be I should change the name of the blog...
 Medical Diary of The Spatig Family!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feb. 2009

That month and year probually means NOTHING to you!

That is the month and year that my world was ROCKED!!!

That is when I finally found a Doctor that would lisetn to me.
That was the month I finally got answers.
Now mind you some of those answers have brought me to tears a few times, but still it was answers!
Every Doctor I took Tanner too added more and more to  his diagnosis list.
But it was still answers
I dont know if in my brain I was ready to hear all of the answers,
but I think in my heart I always knew.

I have known since the minute I saw Tanners little face there was something....
Something about him that was Not wrong, but different!
From his first breath.
His first cry...
Just a feeling that there was something about him!
And that was Aug. 2000...
So YES it took me 8 count them 8 years ( I guess almost 9 years)
 to to find a Doctor that would actually listen.

What a ride this has been.
And now 3years later.
I am still learning.
We are still doing TESTS!!
We are still trying to find SPECIALIST!
We still are learning from eachother!
He is still a "complicated" patients the Doctors say!
I am just so happy that they are able to say his complicated and that I wasnt just CRAZY--LOL..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HOPpy Easter!!!

I am ALWAYS a sucker for any reason to through together a party!!
It drive Paul crazy, and the Easter weekend was NO different.
We were all getting together @ the Parents' for dinner.
Minus my sister Tiff and her family.
So with the new dollar store in town I went and got a few things.
Of course the little ones went first and then the 3 older kids!
Lots of laughs and worries about who got the MOST eggs!-LOL..
Here is to SPRING!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


The could of, would of, should of's.......
I have found myself wonder more and more each day about that.
What if I WOULD have!!
Or I SHOULD have!!
Or even I COULD have!
What would my life be like NOW!!
How different would I be?
If I would have gone straight to college out of High School!
What would my career have been?
Would I be happier?
Would I EVEN have met Paul?
Would I have the 3 amazing kids that I have?
This time of year always seems to get me thinking.
I guess it is because everything is SO new,
and I feel like EVERYTHING in my life is so well ... OLD!
Everyday is the same!
Routine is good,.
I wish I knew then what I know NOW!!
But I think if I did I would have gone a totally different route.
I still wonder what would have happened had I stayed in Wyoming/Utah area.
I LOVE Idaho dont get me wrong,
But EVERYTHING in my life happened in Idaho that had made the life I have now??

Do you ever wonder what YOU would have Changed???

Thursday, April 5, 2012

14!!!14~~~I can NOT believe she is 14~~

YES!! It is true as 1:44am on April 6th Toree will be 14!!
Where oh where has the time gone!
 I can NOT get enough of how stinkin' BEAUTIFUL this girl is!!
 She is TOUGH!!
She is FUNNY!!
And she is my #1..
I dont think she realizes how much she HELPS me!
She is my GO-TO person in time of crisis!
She is my shopping partner!!
My going out for cheesy fries,
Mom needs a break-- Pal!!!

She has grown up so much in the last year!
And is turning into such a GREAT sister to her brothers.
I cant even believe she is the same "girl" she was last year!!
happy birthday,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My new version of "NORMAL"/ I am not handling this as well as I thought!!

I thought that I was handling this well

But after this field trip I have learned that I am NOT!!!!

Now that Tanner is getting older I think I need to re- think

MY way of NORMAL!

Ok, so picture this.......
a bus full of about 40 kids age 9-10 yr olds..

all of them playing their DS's..
Tanner listening to his Ipod../the noise is TOO much!!!

all of the kids sitting with their kids..
Tanner sitting on his Mom's lap/ the kids are to LOUD!!

The kids are all nice to him,
they say hi and move to their seats.
Tanner is not fazed by this at all..
Not once does he seem like this nit normal, @ the park outside the museum he stands by me and doesnt go play with the other kids.
At lunch he sits with the Special Aids and teachers that are there.
I almost thought for a minute it was because I was there.
But no they have told me before he always sits with them.

But I am...
I sit there wondering what it would be like if Tanner was "NORMAL".
He would not be in the same grade as any of these kids,
He actually would not even be at there school.
He would be in the 6th grade which is Middle School.
He would be playing sports,
Skateboarding @ the skate park.
He should be going to Scouts.
He should be playing Fast Pitch.. Not Zuka pitch!
He should be able to walk to the park to shoot hoops.

I guess yesterday was an eye opening day for me.
This is the life Tanner lives EVERYDAY!!
Never complaining!
Laughing and Joking!

So, why does this bother me?????
Am I being selfish?
He is the BEST kiddo...
How is this fair?

Sunday, April 1, 2012


And I am asking everyone I know to PLEASE PLEASE wear blue!

I have really learned to LOVE April!
Not just for the fact that SPRING is coming.
But because it is the one time of year that all the Autism Families come together!
Not that we dont always come together.
But in April it is different.
It is like EVERYONE lives awareness in the month of April.

I love the fact that because of Tanner I have learned many things..
I have learned that...
Big crowds SUCK!!!
Loud noises HURT YOUR EARS!!!
Any unannounced change is HORRIBLE!!!
That a stuffed dog named SAM is the BEST FRIEND any kid could ask for!!
Going to a Doctors appointments needs to be planned out!!!
Waiting for your turn is NOT always pleasant...
Not all businesses have a FAMILY RESTROOM!
what He has taught me is...
I have more patiences then I thought I would EVER need!!
When you really want something it is ok to fight for it!!
Tanner Hugs make all the tears go away!!
I am TOUGH!!
I am able to teach others about Tanners disabilities and I know what I am talking about.
I am not alone and it ok to ask for HELP!!