Saturday, April 7, 2012


The could of, would of, should of's.......
I have found myself wonder more and more each day about that.
What if I WOULD have!!
Or I SHOULD have!!
Or even I COULD have!
What would my life be like NOW!!
How different would I be?
If I would have gone straight to college out of High School!
What would my career have been?
Would I be happier?
Would I EVEN have met Paul?
Would I have the 3 amazing kids that I have?
This time of year always seems to get me thinking.
I guess it is because everything is SO new,
and I feel like EVERYTHING in my life is so well ... OLD!
Everyday is the same!
Routine is good,.
I wish I knew then what I know NOW!!
But I think if I did I would have gone a totally different route.
I still wonder what would have happened had I stayed in Wyoming/Utah area.
I LOVE Idaho dont get me wrong,
But EVERYTHING in my life happened in Idaho that had made the life I have now??

Do you ever wonder what YOU would have Changed???

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