Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feb. 2009

That month and year probually means NOTHING to you!

That is the month and year that my world was ROCKED!!!

That is when I finally found a Doctor that would lisetn to me.
That was the month I finally got answers.
Now mind you some of those answers have brought me to tears a few times, but still it was answers!
Every Doctor I took Tanner too added more and more to  his diagnosis list.
But it was still answers
I dont know if in my brain I was ready to hear all of the answers,
but I think in my heart I always knew.

I have known since the minute I saw Tanners little face there was something....
Something about him that was Not wrong, but different!
From his first breath.
His first cry...
Just a feeling that there was something about him!
And that was Aug. 2000...
So YES it took me 8 count them 8 years ( I guess almost 9 years)
 to to find a Doctor that would actually listen.

What a ride this has been.
And now 3years later.
I am still learning.
We are still doing TESTS!!
We are still trying to find SPECIALIST!
We still are learning from eachother!
He is still a "complicated" patients the Doctors say!
I am just so happy that they are able to say his complicated and that I wasnt just CRAZY--LOL..

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