Thursday, April 19, 2012

OHHH!!! What to share with you today???

When Paul started this blog over 3 years ago I had just the NORMAL (that word makes me LAUGH) everyday life...
And I thought OH!! how nice a blog for me to share our pictures and Adventures with our friends and Family that dont live by us!!!
And Now look at this BLOG it looks like a TOTAL Tanner/Autism Awareness Page!!
But that is our life now!
It is what we do!
It is what I do EVERYDAY!!
*I want so bad to post that Tanner is a "NORMAL" almost 12 year old boy-
playing baseball, soccer, hangin' with is buddies at the skate park, riding his bike to the park for some Basketball.
But that is not what I have to share.
I have NEW Doctor visits!
In school Suspentions!
Therapy appointments!
Special Olympics practices and events!
That is what WE do now!!

I have 3 Children and they all EquALLY keep me RUNNING around like a hicken with my head cut off.
But 2 of my 3 children spent too much time at Specialist office and well Toree is starting to spent WAY too much time at the ER and Hospital Physical Therapist offices. ( dont ask!!! All I have to say is the PE teachers here are ROUGH!! and you should NOT play tug a war with TOREE!!) Last year it was a broken foot this year a torn ligament in the her knee and YES it is the same LEG!!!
 So, may be I should change the name of the blog...
 Medical Diary of The Spatig Family!!!

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