Thursday, January 26, 2012

99th post-- Thank you BLOGSPOT, for being there!

Boy, we have been together for along time..
I Love this blog and the things I share on here are NOT always pleasant.
My Husband calls this my "homework".
I call it my OUTLET.

Not always do I put about things that anyone really wants to read,
or even care about.
But, at that moment I just need to get  it off my chest and that thought out of my head.
So really this blog is more like my BFF (if you will).
Ya, know that AMAZING friend that just listens as you go on and on and on...
And she NEVER interrupts you,
NEVER tells you that you shouldnt feel that way.
NEVER makes you second guess what you said.
NEVER gives you the "WELL,I WOULD HAVE".

You just let my share my thoughts, my dreams, my wishes.
Then I hit publish and wait to see how it turns out.
OH, how I wish that is how LIFE really was.
You could just publish what you wanted everyon to know and see.
You could edit the things you were not sure about.
And those times you are SO mad you dont even know what you are saying you could just save in the arcives to read to yourself some other day.

This blog has been with me through the thick and the thin.
Through LIFE changing moments,
Through hospital stays,
The pre-teen (GIRL) year (OH MY!)
New Diagnosises that have ROCKED my world.
Sporting Events,
Family Crisis,
New houses,
3 Moves,
School changes,
The list could go on and on

I have BAWLED and BAWLED while reading others stories.
I have laughed at their stories,
I have prayed for other "blogger-mama's" in their time of need.
Some of those ladies are the strongest PEOPLE I have ever known,
Yet, Some of them I only know through there BLOG.

I thank you BLOGSPOT for all 99 posts and for all the stories we have shared..
Here is to MANY more!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Another NEW Doctor....

I know how many Doctors does one family  boy REALLY need??
That is the question I find myself asking.
But, yet it is TRUE!
Tanner now hows ANOTHER Doctor.
And of course she is in Utah..
We do LOVE Primarys and the Uof U is right there too
Don't tell Paul, He is still a BYU-I student (wink wink)
Anyways back to my story..
Autism, Developmental Delays, Mental Retardation
I mean honestly truthfully SUCKS!!!
So many people have such opions of the DIAGNOSIS.
Especially little wennie guys that work at Barnes & Noble, that wont help you find the book you have looked the whole Valley for and still cant find. Not to mention you are sporting you AUTISM AWARENESS sweatshirt and your son with the diagnosis is standing next to you

 I am loosing my point of this post again.
So we found this new Doctor that Specialist in Develpmental Delays and Autism.
LOVED her!!!
Although she is wanting to send Tanner to other Specialist..
A Urologist,
A Genetics Specialist,
A Psychologist,
A Neurologist ( we have one already),
Which is fine with ME!!!
The more I can figure out that is going on with him,
The more I can help him
Educate others to help him!!!
Win, Win
 Sometimes I feel like what I see in Tanner is NOT what the Doctors or Teachers see.
Like I am making it out for worse than it REALLY is.
Well this Doctor listened and she saw first hand what happens in a MELTDOWN!!
He was biting, kicking, pulling hair, saying he wanted to die, kicking the walls, ETC..
Ya, know your normal run of the mill
She said I was NOT crazy and that all these things REALLY needed to be addressed!
Which made me very Happy and more comfortable with her following Tanner.
So, I wasnt seeing more then was really there or making up things,
She agreed there is MUCH more going on then what we see.
REALLY, more for him??

She wants me to join a group that they have for Parents in Salt Lake that help with those kinda of things.
Which is a GOOD thing since he is getting BIGGER and OLDER!!
I am scared though,
Who will take over when I cant any more??
Will I need to find someone now for him to stay with when he is older??
If tommorow I was GONE where would he go??
These are things I think about.
I think about them ALOT more now that he is getting older.
I think alot of things about Tanner.
Some that I will maybe some day share with you all.
Some I just keep in the back of my mind, hoping to NEVER have to share.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Ties..

So today I was helping Paul with a class assignment.
I thought to myself this is a SIMPLE assignment.
What the Professor wants is 3 generations starting with you Grandparents, their children, their spouses,
and then their children.
SIMPLE enough, heck I remember doing that in Sacrament meeting to pass the time away.
Heck I coould do my ENTIRE family and even some of my friends.

POOR Paul...
I asked is Grandparents first names... I Dont know was his answer..
His Aunts and Uncles.. NOT sure!!
Cousins.??? (deer in the headlight look)

I said to him, do you want to use my family??
He said NO..
And that isnt the worse part now he has to write a paper on it:O)

I could NOT believe he didnt know everyone in his FAMILY!!!
His reply... "NOT everyone gets together to celebrate a childs first tooth".
Ha to him we only did that once--LOL

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loving thy Neighbor... How do some people make it look SO easy??

Today at Chuch our lesson was on "LOVING thy Neighbor".
This is NOT one of my stronger suits.
I find it hard most of the time.
Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy people.
I do enjoy doing service towards others,
But, Loving my Neighbor,
that has never been an easy thing for me.
I try..
Not always successfully.
But, I try.
This is one of those lessons that I may need to work on harder.
Something I can do with my FAMILY??

Hmmm, Love thy neighbor....
Something to think about..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Somedays are harder then others!!

Somedays are Harder!
Someday when I know the alarm is about to go off I say a little prayer.
I pray that when you wake up everything will go as planned..
I pray that today will be the day that brush your teeth alone!
I pray that when it comes time to put on your clothes you will do it alone.
I pray that you will wash your own face.
I pray that today will be the day that we make it to school on time.
I pray it wont be a battle to put on your shoes.
I pray that you wont try to jump out of the car at the stop sign (that only happened once, but I still pray it won't again)
I pray that all the kids at school will see you as the AWESOME kid you are and NOT the one who has a "HELPER".

My wish list is much like my prayer list.
It that wrong??
Would you pray for and wish for the same things for your CHILD!

My son is 11 and knows he is different.
He knows that some of the kids are scared of him.
He knows that when he gets upset that all eyes are on him.
He knows he is over weight.
He knows that he runs slower then you.
He knows that when you see him some of you laugh at the way he talks.

Today was a harder day,they are becoming more often again.
Is it time for a medication change?
Is he hurting and cant tell me?
Is he just unable to express himself to me?
It isnt as bad as I know it can be,
Somedays are HARDER!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Family Goals??

We have started out our New Year as many of you have with GOALS...
Well how has that been for you??
Me not so eventful.
I have always thought oh this will be the year I lose 50 pounds (HA).
I will be more patient with my kids (Double HA)
I will be nicer to Paul ( that one I am not even going to comment on).
I will go back to school
I will .... I will... I will
So I decided this year I will just go with the punches!
I just see what happens and set the goal then.
Gesh, I sure said "I" alot in those goals. Maybe that is where I am getting this all wrong.
Is it possible that maybe I could set FAMILY GOALS???
WE could read the scriptures every night
WE could actually make it through one FULL Sunday of Church.
WE could make sure we HELP eachother out more.
I think that is where I have gotten the whole "GOAL" thing wrong.
I want to make my family a HAPPY family and I don't always think that is just an "I" goal.
There are LOTS of goals I would LOVE to set for myself. But for right now I think what this Family needs is OUR GOALS!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On to a NEW adventure

I have made a decision...
One that may not be favored by all..
Especially Toree.
I am going to take on the Special Olympics Team for Evanston!
YES, that means no more BridgerValley TEAM:(
Yes, I may have bit off more then I can chew.
There are ALOT of kiddos and adults that I think could REALLY benefit from this.
Not all of them have the resources or chances we have to drive to BV for practices.
Wish me luck and DO NOT for get to donate for Tanner @ then go to tanner spatig and that is where you can donate..
It all goes to such a GREAT cause..