Thursday, January 26, 2012

99th post-- Thank you BLOGSPOT, for being there!

Boy, we have been together for along time..
I Love this blog and the things I share on here are NOT always pleasant.
My Husband calls this my "homework".
I call it my OUTLET.

Not always do I put about things that anyone really wants to read,
or even care about.
But, at that moment I just need to get  it off my chest and that thought out of my head.
So really this blog is more like my BFF (if you will).
Ya, know that AMAZING friend that just listens as you go on and on and on...
And she NEVER interrupts you,
NEVER tells you that you shouldnt feel that way.
NEVER makes you second guess what you said.
NEVER gives you the "WELL,I WOULD HAVE".

You just let my share my thoughts, my dreams, my wishes.
Then I hit publish and wait to see how it turns out.
OH, how I wish that is how LIFE really was.
You could just publish what you wanted everyon to know and see.
You could edit the things you were not sure about.
And those times you are SO mad you dont even know what you are saying you could just save in the arcives to read to yourself some other day.

This blog has been with me through the thick and the thin.
Through LIFE changing moments,
Through hospital stays,
The pre-teen (GIRL) year (OH MY!)
New Diagnosises that have ROCKED my world.
Sporting Events,
Family Crisis,
New houses,
3 Moves,
School changes,
The list could go on and on

I have BAWLED and BAWLED while reading others stories.
I have laughed at their stories,
I have prayed for other "blogger-mama's" in their time of need.
Some of those ladies are the strongest PEOPLE I have ever known,
Yet, Some of them I only know through there BLOG.

I thank you BLOGSPOT for all 99 posts and for all the stories we have shared..
Here is to MANY more!!!

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