Friday, January 20, 2012

Another NEW Doctor....

I know how many Doctors does one family  boy REALLY need??
That is the question I find myself asking.
But, yet it is TRUE!
Tanner now hows ANOTHER Doctor.
And of course she is in Utah..
We do LOVE Primarys and the Uof U is right there too
Don't tell Paul, He is still a BYU-I student (wink wink)
Anyways back to my story..
Autism, Developmental Delays, Mental Retardation
I mean honestly truthfully SUCKS!!!
So many people have such opions of the DIAGNOSIS.
Especially little wennie guys that work at Barnes & Noble, that wont help you find the book you have looked the whole Valley for and still cant find. Not to mention you are sporting you AUTISM AWARENESS sweatshirt and your son with the diagnosis is standing next to you

 I am loosing my point of this post again.
So we found this new Doctor that Specialist in Develpmental Delays and Autism.
LOVED her!!!
Although she is wanting to send Tanner to other Specialist..
A Urologist,
A Genetics Specialist,
A Psychologist,
A Neurologist ( we have one already),
Which is fine with ME!!!
The more I can figure out that is going on with him,
The more I can help him
Educate others to help him!!!
Win, Win
 Sometimes I feel like what I see in Tanner is NOT what the Doctors or Teachers see.
Like I am making it out for worse than it REALLY is.
Well this Doctor listened and she saw first hand what happens in a MELTDOWN!!
He was biting, kicking, pulling hair, saying he wanted to die, kicking the walls, ETC..
Ya, know your normal run of the mill
She said I was NOT crazy and that all these things REALLY needed to be addressed!
Which made me very Happy and more comfortable with her following Tanner.
So, I wasnt seeing more then was really there or making up things,
She agreed there is MUCH more going on then what we see.
REALLY, more for him??

She wants me to join a group that they have for Parents in Salt Lake that help with those kinda of things.
Which is a GOOD thing since he is getting BIGGER and OLDER!!
I am scared though,
Who will take over when I cant any more??
Will I need to find someone now for him to stay with when he is older??
If tommorow I was GONE where would he go??
These are things I think about.
I think about them ALOT more now that he is getting older.
I think alot of things about Tanner.
Some that I will maybe some day share with you all.
Some I just keep in the back of my mind, hoping to NEVER have to share.

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