Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Ties..

So today I was helping Paul with a class assignment.
I thought to myself this is a SIMPLE assignment.
What the Professor wants is 3 generations starting with you Grandparents, their children, their spouses,
and then their children.
SIMPLE enough, heck I remember doing that in Sacrament meeting to pass the time away.
Heck I coould do my ENTIRE family and even some of my friends.

POOR Paul...
I asked is Grandparents first names... I Dont know was his answer..
His Aunts and Uncles.. NOT sure!!
Cousins.??? (deer in the headlight look)

I said to him, do you want to use my family??
He said NO..
And that isnt the worse part now he has to write a paper on it:O)

I could NOT believe he didnt know everyone in his FAMILY!!!
His reply... "NOT everyone gets together to celebrate a childs first tooth".
Ha to him we only did that once--LOL

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