Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Somedays are harder then others!!

Somedays are Harder!
Someday when I know the alarm is about to go off I say a little prayer.
I pray that when you wake up everything will go as planned..
I pray that today will be the day that brush your teeth alone!
I pray that when it comes time to put on your clothes you will do it alone.
I pray that you will wash your own face.
I pray that today will be the day that we make it to school on time.
I pray it wont be a battle to put on your shoes.
I pray that you wont try to jump out of the car at the stop sign (that only happened once, but I still pray it won't again)
I pray that all the kids at school will see you as the AWESOME kid you are and NOT the one who has a "HELPER".

My wish list is much like my prayer list.
It that wrong??
Would you pray for and wish for the same things for your CHILD!

My son is 11 and knows he is different.
He knows that some of the kids are scared of him.
He knows that when he gets upset that all eyes are on him.
He knows he is over weight.
He knows that he runs slower then you.
He knows that when you see him some of you laugh at the way he talks.

Today was a harder day,they are becoming more often again.
Is it time for a medication change?
Is he hurting and cant tell me?
Is he just unable to express himself to me?
It isnt as bad as I know it can be,
Somedays are HARDER!!

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