Friday, February 28, 2014

Well the BYE Bye Facebook didnt last as long as I hoped

Apparently the only way MANY people find me or share important information is through Facebook.
And since Tanner participates in Special Olympics and they are Fundraising right now.
Facebook had to be reopened:(
I am happy because I network with SO many very amazing Moms, Dads and parents of Special Needs kids I LOVE it.
But all the other stuff I Call my daily Soap Opera.
And there are MANY people I leave on my page for that reason only.
SHHHH, but some are relatives, LOL.
So much is happening with Tanner,
How is he doing he is hanging. We are both HANGING by a thread.
And the last few days it has been a very THIN THREAD!!
She is blossoming into an amazing young lady.
I am so proud of her.
I probually don't tell her enough how much I love her and appreciate her.
He is continue to have struggles and I fear it is going to get worse better it gets better.
Thank goodness for such an amazing team at his school.
Wish I would have had Tanner there all through Elementary,,
to finish SCHOOL.
YES after 6 LOOOOONNNGG years
he graduates on July 22. 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bye Bye facebook

I cant believe I did it,
I just deactivated my facebook page.
I needed to find a place to share my thoughts and feelings.
That was more private and more personal.
I am trying to decide how much Tanner really loves Special Olympics,
I think it is more of an outlet for myself.
We are such a tight nit group.
But in the last little bit I feel that it is unraveling and falling apart.
Which is sad,
because I have just gotten a few new members that are closer to home.
I am sure they will survive without us though.
Tanner is getting to be too much for me to take him on my own.
SO ......
I need to decide,
I don't think he will care other then missing his friends,
But we will still see them:)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My new outlet! 2014

I know we are a month into the new year. And I haven't posted in such along tome I though. Well why not start February off with a bang!

So here we go.
THe face of this blog has always been about my family.
And even though I LOVE them all with every ounce of my being I have decided to let this be my outlet.
So some days it will be ok, somedays it can be ugly but on this unlike y facebook page this is much more private and can act as a kind of journal for me.
Will it work??
Oh I hope so.
I have tried to outreach in different ways and I miss the blogworld.
SO heres hoping.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I an NOT believe it has been so long..
I don't even know if anyone  will even know I am still here.
Although it has been a year full of new changes and NOT so new changes,
This post is a PLEA to all my Autism Parents out there.
I need help.
Tanner is now 13,
And the power of puberty is TAKEN over his little body.
What are some things that you as parents or caregiver done.??
His behaviors are INCREASING.
They are very off the charts lately.
Especially this week.
His combativeness is OUTRAGED!
Not only physically
Mentally and Emotionally also.
Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A quick note!

I am not really suure if I like this new blogger program I have.
Not that it is that new, but I cant not get it to share photos.
So Its not that I have NO pictures of my kiddos to share.
I just dont know how-LOL..

So much has been going on..
And I feel like I havent stopped running since the kids all started school.
But it has been nice.
And everyone continues to do well.
I started a "little" part-time job that well lets just say has me running like a chicken with my head cut off some days,
But I love it and it makes me feel NOT so "Useless".
I guess that isnt really the word to use.
But with all the kiddos in school all say, I needed something to do.
I still have them work around the kids schedules and that is AWESOME!
Im home when they are home and gone when they are gome.
So it works.

So that is all I have to share tonight,
Have a GREAT rest of the week...

Sunday, September 23, 2012


So the other day I went to church with some friends. Their services are on both Sundays and Wednesdays. This service was on clearing your life of distractions and living for "God". What a moving and exciting service. It was different then anything I have EVER seen, heard at church.
They group is small, but oh so powerful. And the sermon was amazing.

But, back to the topic on hand....DISTRACTIONS!!
Everones life is full of them.
Some are big..
Some are small.
But whatever they are..... How are they affecting your life.
Are they all consuming?
Are they left on the backburner. There but not really a huge issue.

My question is how are you able or willing to turn those distractions over to Heavenly Father? Can you let them go and give them to him to deal with, or are you like me and feel that oh I got this, I can handle it.
Where quiet frankly I am at my breaking point. Why do I find it so hard to turn over these distractions to him???

Monday, September 10, 2012

I know yesterday for some reason you got 2 new post and NOW another one today.....

 is this world coming to???

I just have had the kind of day that I guess is one I want to share with all for the BLOGGERS
out there. It wasn't like anything to miraculous happened. But it was a GOOD day.
Tayson didnt wet his pants at school!!
Tanner didnt have any meltdowns!!
Toree only made her brother cry twice!!
Toree had an assignment this last weekend to bring home a COMPUTER doll !
This doll cries,
This doll is an example of what its like to have a baby!
BOY was it an eyeopener for her.
She told me more then once 
what a great assignment foe a 14 yr old girl!
When I was in school we had to take a 5 pound bag of flour to school.
Paul started school!!
See, nothing out of the NORMAL.
Except that is that is out of the NORM!!
I have had so many balls in the air for so long that today just had me wondering...
when are all the balls going to fall????
When am I going to have to make another trip to PCMC for more testing?
When will the next BALL fall!!!
AND then it happend!
The phone rings and one of Tanners new Doctors want him to have a few more test done.
No not for the Autism!
This is for sleep/breathing issues!
Then he wants labs.
Thats NO big deal untill they call and say the test they were looking at was normal...
They find some other abnormalities,
And then we have to get more labs done!
The Doctor calls personally and says to call him back!
FREAK OUT is an understatement!
Somehow his Red blood cell is low!
So he wants to test again in 4 months.

Cant this kid get a break!
And he needs glasses too.
SEE just a typical NORMAL day!
How did I ever work 40+ hours and still raise these kids???
Have a great TUESDAY!