Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A quick note!

I am not really suure if I like this new blogger program I have.
Not that it is that new, but I cant not get it to share photos.
So Its not that I have NO pictures of my kiddos to share.
I just dont know how-LOL..

So much has been going on..
And I feel like I havent stopped running since the kids all started school.
But it has been nice.
And everyone continues to do well.
I started a "little" part-time job that well lets just say has me running like a chicken with my head cut off some days,
But I love it and it makes me feel NOT so "Useless".
I guess that isnt really the word to use.
But with all the kiddos in school all say, I needed something to do.
I still have them work around the kids schedules and that is AWESOME!
Im home when they are home and gone when they are gome.
So it works.

So that is all I have to share tonight,
Have a GREAT rest of the week...

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