Thursday, June 28, 2012

This will be short, sweet and to the point!

EVERYTHING around our state is on fire!
Tanner is heading to camp today!
Tayson LOVES summer school- Tanner doesnt
Toree is 14 and well she is JUST 14~~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesdays at my HOUSE!!!

So today I am sitting at the computer the kids are running a muck and the house is in desperate need of cleaning.
Yet, here I sit at the Computer.

Waiting to figure out what all I want to post today!!

The last few weeks  ok MONTHS have been really hard ones.
I want what is BEST for all of my children!!
I do it the BEST I can.
I am only ONE person!!!
I am MAD...
I need someone that HAS my back.
I need someone that GETS it.
I need more support, other than that of ...

I have had to take Tanner down to 3 new different Doctors all of which said he was out of the scope. They told me he was a DIFFICULT case (really?? DUH). 
 I was not even aware that he was difficult, that was such a shocker--LOL.
And then I found one..
I found a Doctor that IS amazing with him!
She has done testing and seen behaviors, she talks to us and NOT above us.
I have noticed Tanner  regressing and I wonder if we are at his FULL potential??
Is this where his full functioning will stay.
Will he read at a Pre-school level forever??
Will he have the math skills of a 1st grader??
Will he have the social skills of a toddler???
A GREAT friend of mine told me the other day when I geet him in this NEW school I will see such progress that they have done amazing things for "behavioral" kids at this school.
But seriously, Tanner should be going into the 7th grade. (And he will be starting the 5th grade this year). He will be 12 in August and I think my Tayson who is starting Kindergarden will by pass him shortly.
The school here has been better then our previous ones.
But I think they give him the  BARE essentials to get him "BY".
I think that their hearts are in the right places.
BUT, Tanner is HARD.
( he takes alot more then HEART most days)
And when he has had too much I think that is where they leave him.
I wonder how often he is left alone when he is suppose to have an aide that helps him.
With Toree I have noticed that she is NOT a little girl anymore.
She is growing into a BEAUTIFUL young lady.
She should not have to be my "SUPPORT"
She should get to be a teenage girl that has her friends over to hang out.
But she doesnt,
She is afraid that Tanner will have a meltdown,
She I think is scared..
Scared of what they might think when they find out she has a brother that is AUTISTIC.
She is doing GREAT in school,
She is SO shy though.
I wish she would go and be 14.
I know in a few years I regret that one-LOL.
Tayson oh my sweet Buddy!
How I have LOVED being home with you!
But oh how I would LOVE to go to any room in the house without you freaking out!!LOL
Soon you will be in school and I will miss you terribly I am sure.
You are sassy
You are set in your own little 5yr old way..
You have a temper that would make a grown man CRY!
Heaven help us!
So there you have it.
The reason the house needs cleaned
and WHY my children are
RUNNING a muck!!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am HURT,
I dont even want to talk about it.
SO I will Blog about it!!!

As you all know, ok maybe not all of you, but every year!!!
YES EVERY year my Mothers family does this camp out.
It is mostly always been the first weekend in August and is Lots of FUN!!
But this year they had it last weekend.
So actually 2 months early.
I had already paid for it.
I had HONESTLY planned on attending!
But then decided not to go!!!
Oh heavens above NOT go!!
yes NOT go!!!

Apparently I was NOT the only one from my Family to make that decision!
Out of the 5 girls only my youngest sister went!!
I know my Mom felt bad!!
Yes she has told me and the rest of my Sisters ( I think)
But, I was over it!!
I have enough going on in my OWN Family of 5.
I did NOT want to go!
I am sorry that feelings were hurt!
I am sorry you were MAD!

But really I did it alone LAST year too.
 I didnt have it in me this year again.
( I have noticed Paul's work schedule the last 2 -3 years has him schedueled that same weekend-LOL)
Toree had the FLU!!
Tanner is having more and more MELTDOWNS!!
Tayson is just been a TURD latley!!
I have decided to start choosing my own BATTLES !
This is one I was NOT willing to fight!
Boy is that comin' back to bite me!!
I LOVE my Family!!!
 I just didnt want to go Camping!!
Is that too much to ask?????

Sunday, June 10, 2012

HELP!!! How do I handle BULLIES in my own Family?

It saddens me to watch how my OWN Family reacts
to people in a PUBLIC setting!!!
And the sad part it is it the ADULTS!!
NOT the children.
When I know they are trying to be funny what they say is
 oh so hurtful.

And the saddest part of this story is that their nasty mean comments were posted on Facebook.
For all the world to see and read.
I know that I should comment and I have.
But it is hurtful to me!
It is hurtful because the person they are
is also a person with AUTISM!!
A teenage boy.
That was dressed NOT as fashionably
as my own sister and neice thought he should BE...
they are CLUELESS!!!!
 I think how hurtful their remarks were to me.
I did make a comment at the time of the first comments
 and thought that was the end.
 no today as I was looking at some pictures that were posted,
there is was.
With comments!!
Not only from them,
but other FB friends or theirs..
*what is the appropriate way to approach this???
*has anyone out there had this happen?
*I dont want my "dirty" laundry all over FB...
 I do want them to know this is NOT COOL!!
What would their reaction have been had it been their own child??
Because he is someone's child..
He could have EASILY been Tanner??

Saturday, June 9, 2012

We have BARELY survived and it is ONLY the 1st week of Summer!!!


I can NOT believe we are only one week into summer Vacation and Toree is BORED.....
Not just kinda bored...
I am talking driving everyone CRAZY BORED!!!!
Now the boys are in HOG heaven!
They have baseball and T-ball all week long.
Both boys have games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
And cousins and Aunts and Uncles play all the rest of the week.
So needless to say

We are all done with Doctors appointments until JULY!!!
I know I can hardly believe I am typing that sentence.
It seems like that is all I have done for the last 6 weeks,
Well that is probually because honestly that is all I have done for the last 6 weeks!!
I cant believe how fast that adds up in fuel MONEY!!
You figure about $85-$90 a trip just for GAS!!! (craziness)
So it will be nice to SAVE that money so when we do go to Utah,
we can just PLAY!!!

Although I am thankful that I am able to take Tanner to such an AMAZING Doctor!
I am hoping when the test results come back we will be able to get the information we need to get the BEST services for Tanner.
The results will not be ready for us UNTIL AUGUST!!!
I know, that is a while off,
When you take your child to a Doctor like
Dr. B waiting is part of having the BEST!!!
Dont worry I will let you know as I dowhat we find out!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer starts.........................................NOW!!

SUMMER is HERE!!!!!!
On a side note...
Tanner, Tayson and I all got sunburnt yesterday @ Field Day!!
It offically started TODAY!!
I can't wait,...
BOY how I am already missing my Rigby friends!
I miss Ashley's Sno-Shack!
I miss Rexburgs Spray Park!
I miss Rigby Lake!
I miss the Idaho Falls Zoo.
(yeap only the 1st day of Summer)
But this summer
I will NOT miss...
The boys baseball games!
Trips to Tracy Avery!
Picnics at the Park!
Playing outside!
Doing Nothing,
 hangin with the kids!

Being a S.A.H.M. is something I have NEVER done for a whole Summer!
And I cant wait!
I am sure you will see lots of posts
GOOD, BAD, and UGLY!!!
But hey that is what Blogland is ALL ABOUT!!!