Sunday, June 10, 2012

HELP!!! How do I handle BULLIES in my own Family?

It saddens me to watch how my OWN Family reacts
to people in a PUBLIC setting!!!
And the sad part it is it the ADULTS!!
NOT the children.
When I know they are trying to be funny what they say is
 oh so hurtful.

And the saddest part of this story is that their nasty mean comments were posted on Facebook.
For all the world to see and read.
I know that I should comment and I have.
But it is hurtful to me!
It is hurtful because the person they are
is also a person with AUTISM!!
A teenage boy.
That was dressed NOT as fashionably
as my own sister and neice thought he should BE...
they are CLUELESS!!!!
 I think how hurtful their remarks were to me.
I did make a comment at the time of the first comments
 and thought that was the end.
 no today as I was looking at some pictures that were posted,
there is was.
With comments!!
Not only from them,
but other FB friends or theirs..
*what is the appropriate way to approach this???
*has anyone out there had this happen?
*I dont want my "dirty" laundry all over FB...
 I do want them to know this is NOT COOL!!
What would their reaction have been had it been their own child??
Because he is someone's child..
He could have EASILY been Tanner??

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