Monday, June 11, 2012

I am HURT,
I dont even want to talk about it.
SO I will Blog about it!!!

As you all know, ok maybe not all of you, but every year!!!
YES EVERY year my Mothers family does this camp out.
It is mostly always been the first weekend in August and is Lots of FUN!!
But this year they had it last weekend.
So actually 2 months early.
I had already paid for it.
I had HONESTLY planned on attending!
But then decided not to go!!!
Oh heavens above NOT go!!
yes NOT go!!!

Apparently I was NOT the only one from my Family to make that decision!
Out of the 5 girls only my youngest sister went!!
I know my Mom felt bad!!
Yes she has told me and the rest of my Sisters ( I think)
But, I was over it!!
I have enough going on in my OWN Family of 5.
I did NOT want to go!
I am sorry that feelings were hurt!
I am sorry you were MAD!

But really I did it alone LAST year too.
 I didnt have it in me this year again.
( I have noticed Paul's work schedule the last 2 -3 years has him schedueled that same weekend-LOL)
Toree had the FLU!!
Tanner is having more and more MELTDOWNS!!
Tayson is just been a TURD latley!!
I have decided to start choosing my own BATTLES !
This is one I was NOT willing to fight!
Boy is that comin' back to bite me!!
I LOVE my Family!!!
 I just didnt want to go Camping!!
Is that too much to ask?????

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