Saturday, October 29, 2011

Toree's first LOVE story!!

I have to be equal, and today it is Toree's turn!!!!!!!!
If you have been reading the last couple of posts or been following me on facebook, you know that Toree has her
his name is Cody (pictured below)..
Well, my sweet little Toree has found his Mother's cell phone number and is texting her to have Cody call her... Or better yet she chats it up with her on facebook....
YES.... so now when I go to bed sooo do all electronics in the house....
to first love and Modern day technology!!!
I am VERY scared of what I have to look forward too when she can date.
Good Heavens she is only 13.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

YEAP Tann.... You just had a BAD day!!!

For all you I am sorry, this is another Tanner post. I guess I am going to have to start using this blog as a way to get out my frustration, worries and concern for him and his disabilities. Sometimes I look at that sweet face I know that inside his head so many mixed up thoughts and concerns are going throught there. He doesnt understand how to always voice them or act appropiately. That is part of ASD and his Mental Retardation... It is not always him seeking attention, It is Not him being a $H!t..... Tanners brain DOES NOT work like that.. Yes he is 11...Yes he does get in trouble, Yes he does get things taken away from him just like EVERY NORMAL kid.... When you get calls from the school you go in you deal with the situation at hand, YOU get in your car and BAWL your eyes out so hard and long that your ribs hurt... Then you look at that sweet little boy sitting next you that says "MOM... I think I had a bad day at School today.."
YEAP Tan you did...
"MOM... Am I a BAD boy"
NOPE Tan you just had a BAD day...

Monday, October 24, 2011

I need a nap after this post--LOL

Tanner @ Special Olympics State 2011
Cody and Toree @ the Dance/Banquet for
Special Olympics
The theme was AWESOME 80's
Cody and Tanner
The MUSIC was a little to loud for Tanner
He didn't really like the crowd either..
Me and the Boys after our
(it was freezing)
Paul and the boys...
Toree was there too, she is TOO cool for pictures anymore!
This is our TEAM!!!!
Crystal is always there to support my Family!
Gdpa and Gdma were there too.. Walking and FREEZING with us!!
There was a huge CROWD!!!
And if you look really hard in the LEFT corner. The girl with the brown sweatshirt and sunglasses--that is TOREE!! SHhhh.. don't tell her she was in the picture!
The Salt Lake Bee and the BOYS!!!
There are alot of pictures... But the last 3 weeks have been VERY, VERY busy.
I didnt even post the pictures from Tanner's first Regional Bowling for Special Olympics. There is NO new school pictures and well LIFE has been a little CRAZIER then normal..
I now am staying home and have quit my job at the Doctor Office.. LOVED the job, but the kiddos needed me home.. I know right now this is where I need to be. I have 3 AWESOME kids and I was missing everything and was just not being a very nice mom.. So after much praying and crying myself to sleep at night I QUIT!!! So far it has been great. I help at teh school and drive everyone everywhere, do the laundry, and EVERY night we eat a HOT homecooked meal-- TOGETHER!!!
Paul will be GRADUATING from BYU-I in December.. The rest will be short lived for him though, He will start at Weber State in January to finish up with his Healthcare Administration Degree.. I know good things come to those who wait.. BUT come on!!! (LOL)
Toree is doing GREAT in school this year and she LOVE it too. Basketball is starting soon and she is excited for that.. No swiming this year.. Can't say that I am sad about that though... Swimming is BORING to watch!! But she liked it ladt year.
Tanner is still at Aspen and I love him gong there. They are GREAT with him there and He and I both need that... He just started doing the Special Olympics a few weeks ago. AND LOVES IT!! They don't have a team in Evanston so the team in Bridger Valley let us join with them and they are AWESOME!!!! The kids and parents are great.. Tanner has won 2 BRONZE medals!!!
Tayson well. In case you havent talked to him lately he is going to be 5 soon (Dec 12) ask he will tell you and has become a PERMANENT fixtuure to my HIP!!! He goes to prec=school 2 days a week and LOVES playing with Mom..
Ok so there you have it... That is what is gong on at our HOUSE!!!
Hopefully now that I am home during the day I will post more then once every 2 months