Thursday, March 29, 2012

I dont think many people really understand who Tanner is!!!
He is......
when most kids get mad it is because they are KIDS!
When Tanner gets mad they say it because he needs a MED change!!

It never seizes to amaze me to what people think about when it comes to Tanner..
Some people cant believe how cute and loveable he is
(that he gets from his MOTHER)
Others cant wait to INPATIENT  him for his behaviors
(again COULD possibly be from me-LOL)
All the specialist and all the Counselours cant figure him out.
None of them will help me change his medications.
None of them want to re evaluate for diagnosis.
None of them want to be the one to admit him!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Jackalope Jump 2012.....BRRRR!

Freezin' for a  Reezin'

I dont know if I have EVER mentioned, But the Lee Family only knows how to do things BIG!!

So I knew when Tanner's Special Olympic Team
was planning their yearly fundraiser they would all be there!

Oh and were they ever!!

We won for the BIGGEST team!!!!

 <----My Dad and Sister Crystal were the First to JUMP:).
The plan was they would stay in there LoNg enough to get the little ones out!!!!
Well it was SO cold that they JUMPED out almost as fast as they jumped in!!!

 This is the end of Tanner's LOVELY dive!!!
@ one point Crystal and I were wondering how FAST we were going to be able to get in there to get him out.. But dont worry he did great!!! I on the other hand still cant get warmed up... It was a fun day and we raised almost $700.00...........

Tanner collecting his prizes!!!!

Even Toree made an APPEARANCE!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Autism Awarenss Video!

Tanner has been busy having articles written about him.
Going to Basketball games.
Spreading Awareness..
Participating in Special Olympics..
Staring in videos
 check out the link!! Its a cool video!!
Getting ready to turn the town BLUE
You can purchase your light bulbs @ HOME DEPOT or any store.
Home Depot is a sponsor for AutismSpeaks..
So enjoy some pictures of him spreading awareness!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a GREAT day!!

I love this little family of mine!!!
Now that it seems Paul is always working our "family"
outings seem more far and few between.
But ohhh, did he make up for it yesterday!!
We went to Salt Lake
Ate at Joe's Crab Shack ( our new family fav)
Went to Temple Square,
Ate again
Shopped some more
And then came home!!!!!!
The kids DID amazing.
Only one meltdown!!!!!!!
The crowd at Temple was a little much!
And we couldnt find the building we needed to go to for the "Book of Mormon-childrens Museum"
And by the time we got there it was Closed!!!
Dang it, maybe next time!!!
The kids thought it was cool we saw 3 "new" brides coming out of the temple for pictures.
It was a GREAT day!!!
pictures will be coming soon

Monday, March 12, 2012

State Champions!!!!!

 And the VERY first person to hold the trophy when the boys got home was............
 He was SO Proud!!!
If I have said it once in this Blog lately,
We love the Red Devils!!!!
Every boy on this team has something to be PROUD about!
Not only did they bring home the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP,
They were a friend to Tanner.
Some of them are his BEST friends!
As teenage boys they probually have NO idea what they mean to this kiddo.
The PRIDE he has in each one of this boys is SO heartfelt and sincere!
Tanner when he LOVES he loves FOREVER!
And everyone of these boys have a place in his heart.
None of these kids were told they had to be nice to Tanner.
But everyone of them are!
They make him feel important and POPULAR!
They make him feel a part of their "TEAM"
I couldnt have been prouder of these boys and our HIGH SCHOOL!!
Thank you Evanston High School!
You are the ONE WE LOVE THE BEST!!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Many of you that keep up with my blog are aware of Tanner's Obession with our High School Baksetball and Football team!!
Well right now they are in Casper for State Conference and I am the MEANEST mom in the world!!
Apparently I was suppose to let Tanner miss this week of school to go!
Sad part is even today as I was dropping Tanner off at school Mrs Demester his principal asked if I was driving him there for the final game tomorrow..
Mind you it is a 6 hour drive!!
And no we are not going.
I know I am horrible!!
I will let you know how it turns out...
WE ARE #1 in the state right now!!!

Thank you to Autiepoet's Inspiration Creation for designing
the picture for Tanner!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today as I am reading through my "list" blogs,
I came upon
 my friend Ashley Sullengers.
A few months ago she posted about her friend that is 24 and her husband had just then be diagnosised with cancer...
Upon reading that I became VERY interested in their story.
I followed it faithfully.
The post became more spread out and not so frequent.
And today Ashely posted that her friends husband had lost his battle.
My heart breaks for her young friend that lost her husband.
And makes me realize that within just a few months, weeks, days, hours, how fast your life can change.

I have lost patients,friends and family members to cancer.
I have seen some of the them FIGHT the fight ALONE!
I have seen some fight the fight with a ROOM full of supporters.
I have held their hands after treatments.
I have watched them tell their children it will be ok..


It has NEVER been MY mother, father, grandparent, child, or spouse.
So today I share this post to all those who have fought the battle!
TO those of you who have had to be the CAREGIVER to your loved one.
God has a VERY special place in heaven for you.
Your angel wings have been set aside!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A total GIRL day!!!

I was so excited
Toree and I were invited to our friends baby-shower.
SO yesterday we went shopping @ Maurices and we each got some NEW clothes!
Then today we went to lunch and headed to the Valley for the shower!!
We laughed and talked and shopped a little more!!
It was sooooo fun hanging out with the girl!
Sometimes I forget in the choas I call life how AMAZING that girl is!!!
Now we are home now
 and so are the...
But, boy we had FUN without them!!!