Monday, March 26, 2012

Jackalope Jump 2012.....BRRRR!

Freezin' for a  Reezin'

I dont know if I have EVER mentioned, But the Lee Family only knows how to do things BIG!!

So I knew when Tanner's Special Olympic Team
was planning their yearly fundraiser they would all be there!

Oh and were they ever!!

We won for the BIGGEST team!!!!

 <----My Dad and Sister Crystal were the First to JUMP:).
The plan was they would stay in there LoNg enough to get the little ones out!!!!
Well it was SO cold that they JUMPED out almost as fast as they jumped in!!!

 This is the end of Tanner's LOVELY dive!!!
@ one point Crystal and I were wondering how FAST we were going to be able to get in there to get him out.. But dont worry he did great!!! I on the other hand still cant get warmed up... It was a fun day and we raised almost $700.00...........

Tanner collecting his prizes!!!!

Even Toree made an APPEARANCE!!!!

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