Monday, March 12, 2012

State Champions!!!!!

 And the VERY first person to hold the trophy when the boys got home was............
 He was SO Proud!!!
If I have said it once in this Blog lately,
We love the Red Devils!!!!
Every boy on this team has something to be PROUD about!
Not only did they bring home the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP,
They were a friend to Tanner.
Some of them are his BEST friends!
As teenage boys they probually have NO idea what they mean to this kiddo.
The PRIDE he has in each one of this boys is SO heartfelt and sincere!
Tanner when he LOVES he loves FOREVER!
And everyone of these boys have a place in his heart.
None of these kids were told they had to be nice to Tanner.
But everyone of them are!
They make him feel important and POPULAR!
They make him feel a part of their "TEAM"
I couldnt have been prouder of these boys and our HIGH SCHOOL!!
Thank you Evanston High School!
You are the ONE WE LOVE THE BEST!!!!!

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