Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today as I am reading through my "list" blogs,
I came upon
 my friend Ashley Sullengers.
A few months ago she posted about her friend that is 24 and her husband had just then be diagnosised with cancer...
Upon reading that I became VERY interested in their story.
I followed it faithfully.
The post became more spread out and not so frequent.
And today Ashely posted that her friends husband had lost his battle.
My heart breaks for her young friend that lost her husband.
And makes me realize that within just a few months, weeks, days, hours, how fast your life can change.

I have lost patients,friends and family members to cancer.
I have seen some of the them FIGHT the fight ALONE!
I have seen some fight the fight with a ROOM full of supporters.
I have held their hands after treatments.
I have watched them tell their children it will be ok..


It has NEVER been MY mother, father, grandparent, child, or spouse.
So today I share this post to all those who have fought the battle!
TO those of you who have had to be the CAREGIVER to your loved one.
God has a VERY special place in heaven for you.
Your angel wings have been set aside!!

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