Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Epilepsy... Hitting the Homefront!!

My two boys are the BEST of Friends!!!
They share the SAME interest in SPORTS!!
They share the same LOVE of Video games!!
They both LOVE their Families!!
They both LOVE the Red Devils!!!
They share so much and and sometimes
 I Love watching them just be BROTHERS.....
they also share having EPILEPSY!!!
They share they same LOVE for Nikki
( Our favorite EEG tech @ PCMC).
They share the same about of wires that go on their little heads for EEG's
They share the same LOVE for  that yucky-smelly glue they put in your hair!

Having Epilepsy in your house can make for some interesting evenings....
You are watching a movie, spending quality time together!
You NEVER know when that seizure will hit,
Or what might be the TRIGGER!
It isnt easy to explain
when your child doesnt have commonly
gran- mal seizure.
But did you know that some kids just stare off,
Other kids become violate.
Some kids just take off..
Some chew on their clothing.
Some clap their hands.
Some SCREAM uncontrollably,

There is alot to know about EPILEPSY!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toree is our SUPERSTAR!!

Toree's 7th Grade
Basketball Games!!!!

Toree is our SPORTS SUPERSTAR!!!
I was so proud of her!!!
She fouled out EVERY game!
Nobody from any of the opposing teams wanted to block her!!
And the ONLY name you ever hear the coach yell is TOREE!!!
Have to say I was on proud Mama!!
 I love this kid and I am so glad she found something she LOVES to do!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And we are OFF... MORE testing

It is times Again that I pack my bags and head to PCMC.
EEG time again!!
This time it is for 24 hours!
I have a Tanner bag full of games, movies, books and puzzles!
I have a clothes bag with well.... CLOTHES!
Here is hoping that something shows up on his EEG!
Here is hoping that Nikki is the tech on tomorrow.
Well we LOVE them all but Nikki and Jason have ALWAYS been our favorites!
They are FAST and they DUCK well when Tanner is swinging!
I always feel quilty when they get done WIRING him and they are dripping SWEAT!
Ok lets be honest.
Tanner HATES getting wired!!
The glue, the smell, the wrapping, the O2 air blowing the glue dry faster!!
It is SOOOOOOO very fun;O)
Then we sit in bed for 24+ hours!
We can walk to the bathroom and the door!
That is IT!!

We were hoping to also meet with the Genetics Specialist.
But that appointment is NOT until JULY!!
So we will WAIT!
For those of you that were not aware.
Tanner did have some genetice testin done and found that his 12th chromosome has LONG ARM sections missing!
Not sure what that means!
But hopefully soon we will get answers!!
I will try to do an update from the hospital.
But is not I will probually let everyone know what the EEG/GENETICS say by monday!!
And YES this does mean ANOTHER Doctor for Tanner!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet Virginia: Kids Tooth Brushing Chart

Meet Virginia: Kids Tooth Brushing Chart
Have I ever told you all how much I love the fact that facebook and Blogs introduce to such amazing people!!!
This new blog I found is from a sweet mother of 7 YES!! 7 children and she homeschools. Her blog is amazing and I am going to try out her new idea for teethbrushing!!!!
It looks fun and east for the kiddos!!
Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dating Assignment #1

This semester Paul is taking a MARRIAGE CLASS!
 12 almost 13 years of marriage and he is FINALLY taking the class.
 He had to take me out on a date once a week for 5 weeks.
Yeah so he forgot last week (ever the romantic).
Last night though he did take me out for dinner.
It was even a fancy little steak house.
Oh my goodness!!!!
He even let me order DESSERT!!
We did have a good time though.
It was nice to have some adult time.
I will try to keep up posted on our Dating assignment!

We dont get pictures together often so I thought I would throw one in from his Graduation in December!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My cup... have RUNNETH over!!

Dear Neighbor Lady.
I wanted to apologize to you for my EXTERME meltdown your were lucky enough to hear today.
I do USUALLY have all my poop in a group.
But, apparently today was not my FINEST moment.
Yes, I do have food in my house--
No, Tayson was NOT starved to death.
Yes, I was sobbing UNCONTROLABLLY when I answered the door.
No, I didnt beat my children.
Yes, they are all 3 sick with strep throat, fevers, and the stomach flu.
No, I did not want you to think that your concern for us was unjust.
Yes, I will probually NOT look you in the eyes for a few days.
Thank you for caring enough to knock,
Love the crazy lady in Apt #F

For the most part I can keep everything together. And for the most part it takes alot to BREAK me.
But as for right now I am at the breaking point.
I want to breakdown and cry at any given moment.
I have had it.. I am tired, I am frausterated, I am on MEDICAL information overload, I miss adult converation that doesnt always end in MORE parenting advice. ( not that I dont appreciate it- but come on EVERYDAY). I am stressed out.
There I have finally admitted it.. And nobody will know except you my bloggers and I.

Now that I have put all my feeling out there I can already tell I am feeling better.. But Today was NOT a good day to be at my HOUSE..Just ask the kiddos they were ALL home sick!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

This post is all meant in FUN!!!!
I have never been a big fan of Valetines Day.. OK maybe secertly, but when the man in you life is TOTALLY 100% anti-lovey dovey..
You learn to ignore the holiday and all your friends getting little romantic gifts...
BUT its ok I am over it!!
(cant you tell-LOL)
But to be honest I LOVE the idea of your sweety sending you flowers. Not just on Valentines Day, but any time would be NICE...
(again I am learning to get over it)
I have tried to share my love of the holiday with Paul and well it never goes well..
 So to all of you that have a ROMANTIC sweety..
Enjoy the holiday..
Enjoy the candies...
Enjoy the nice dinner...
Enjoy the flowers...
Enjoy the cards......
And, I will be sitting here dreaming of how it would be!!
On a serious note...
Happy Valentines Day to you all!!
I seriously do know that Paul loves me... ( I hope)
and I know in his heart of hearts he really LOVES this holiday too.
He is just learning to LOVE it..
And yes I know it has been 15 years, But whoses counting!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ramblings from a mother who has spent way too many days listening to Specialist this week:o)

Tonight as I sit here wondering what to post I have a thousand thoughts going through my mind.
I want to POST something... BUT lately every post has been about a NEW Doctor or a new treatment plan for Tanner,
Sometimes I wish I could just post REGULAR-NORMAL posts.
You know the kind....
Where everyone in the Family is doing NORMAL things.
But that is NOT what is in the cards for us right now.
Toree is doing fantastic in school and BASKETBALL..
Tanner hasnt been to school in over a WEEK..
Tayson is sicker then a DOG..

I have made 2 trips to Utah, seen 5 new Doctors and scheduled 3 new test for Tanner.
Someday I know they will find answers to my questions. But how do I know, How does anyone really know what the answers will be. And how do I know if I will like them. Right now I feel somewhat comfortable in OUR life. I know what to expect. I know there will be seizures, meltdowns, solid clothing, etc..etc... But what if what they tell me changes it all.
I said to Paul the other day.. What if all this is just me being a CRAZY INSANE mother.
He laughed and said they wouldnt test Tanner for that they WOULD test me..
We both had a good laugh out of that.
But, maybe this is  my test.
Its a test of my strength. I have been EXTEREMLY overwhelmed that last few weeks. And it is starting wear on me I can tell. But like the previous post I have been ENTRUSTED with Tanner and I can NOT fail him or my other children. I have to continue to be strong for them, for me and for Paul ( bless his heart). He went to the appointment on Monday with me. I think he was a LITTLE overwhelmed to say the least. But he was there when I needed him and I am thankful for that.
Hopefully this coming week I will have the strength and knowledge to go head on into our next adventure.. Whatever that may be.!!!! The GENETiCS test was done on Friday. Hopefully we will hear from them soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Entrusted with the MOST precious of CHILDREN

I am so Thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving Tanner to me and my Family. In this months Ensign there is an article that states...
"Those of us that have been entrusted with precious children have been given a sacred, noble stewardship, for we are the ones God has appointed to encircle today's children with love and the fire of faith and an understanding of who they are,"
--Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve
As I have read and read those words they have give me peice of mind knowing that Heavenly Father has ENTRUSTED Paul and I with Tanner.
WOW!!!! Heavenly Father knows our thought and our prayers that we share with him. Our dreams for all of our kids. He knows the hardships we will go through and he still has
Us with one of his MOST precious of Children..
That is the MOST rewarding yet scarey feelings..

I continue each day to pray that where I take Tanner and who we see will be the one that will help us and help Tanner to be as independent as possible. SO we are seeing 3(yes more Doctors)!
We are in the mist of yet another group of Doctors trying to find out what is really going on with Tanner.
They want him to see a Genetics Specialist, Urologist, Psych Doctor, and the list goes on..
OHH... how grateful am I to the PCMC team. They have not skipped a beat with him. Now that I have someone that is FINALLY listening we may someday get answers.
BUT, there is HUGE part of me that feels I am starting this entire process over again. I wish I didnt already know what I do know, I wish it was like a clean slate. Because I find myself saying well why didnt this Doctor do this?? Why didnt this Doctor do that?? How much time Have I lots that we could of had for therapies to help Tanner be more "socially" appropiate?? And that is what makes me so angry.
ANGRY that the 15 Doctors I talked to when he was younger told me NOTHING was wrong with him. That I needed to stop comparing him to other children. We lost so many YEARS fighting those Doctors. How thankful I am for the ONE Doctor that listened that got me set in the right direction. We are always pressing forward to find out more about his "condition". They all have agreed on one thing though... TANNER IS A DIFFICULT CASE!!!!.. At least we are going somewhere. RIGHT??