Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And we are OFF... MORE testing

It is times Again that I pack my bags and head to PCMC.
EEG time again!!
This time it is for 24 hours!
I have a Tanner bag full of games, movies, books and puzzles!
I have a clothes bag with well.... CLOTHES!
Here is hoping that something shows up on his EEG!
Here is hoping that Nikki is the tech on tomorrow.
Well we LOVE them all but Nikki and Jason have ALWAYS been our favorites!
They are FAST and they DUCK well when Tanner is swinging!
I always feel quilty when they get done WIRING him and they are dripping SWEAT!
Ok lets be honest.
Tanner HATES getting wired!!
The glue, the smell, the wrapping, the O2 air blowing the glue dry faster!!
It is SOOOOOOO very fun;O)
Then we sit in bed for 24+ hours!
We can walk to the bathroom and the door!
That is IT!!

We were hoping to also meet with the Genetics Specialist.
But that appointment is NOT until JULY!!
So we will WAIT!
For those of you that were not aware.
Tanner did have some genetice testin done and found that his 12th chromosome has LONG ARM sections missing!
Not sure what that means!
But hopefully soon we will get answers!!
I will try to do an update from the hospital.
But is not I will probually let everyone know what the EEG/GENETICS say by monday!!
And YES this does mean ANOTHER Doctor for Tanner!!!

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