Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Epilepsy... Hitting the Homefront!!

My two boys are the BEST of Friends!!!
They share the SAME interest in SPORTS!!
They share the same LOVE of Video games!!
They both LOVE their Families!!
They both LOVE the Red Devils!!!
They share so much and and sometimes
 I Love watching them just be BROTHERS.....
they also share having EPILEPSY!!!
They share they same LOVE for Nikki
( Our favorite EEG tech @ PCMC).
They share the same about of wires that go on their little heads for EEG's
They share the same LOVE for  that yucky-smelly glue they put in your hair!

Having Epilepsy in your house can make for some interesting evenings....
You are watching a movie, spending quality time together!
You NEVER know when that seizure will hit,
Or what might be the TRIGGER!
It isnt easy to explain
when your child doesnt have commonly
gran- mal seizure.
But did you know that some kids just stare off,
Other kids become violate.
Some kids just take off..
Some chew on their clothing.
Some clap their hands.
Some SCREAM uncontrollably,

There is alot to know about EPILEPSY!!

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