Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Family Goals??

We have started out our New Year as many of you have with GOALS...
Well how has that been for you??
Me not so eventful.
I have always thought oh this will be the year I lose 50 pounds (HA).
I will be more patient with my kids (Double HA)
I will be nicer to Paul ( that one I am not even going to comment on).
I will go back to school
I will .... I will... I will
So I decided this year I will just go with the punches!
I just see what happens and set the goal then.
Gesh, I sure said "I" alot in those goals. Maybe that is where I am getting this all wrong.
Is it possible that maybe I could set FAMILY GOALS???
WE could read the scriptures every night
WE could actually make it through one FULL Sunday of Church.
WE could make sure we HELP eachother out more.
I think that is where I have gotten the whole "GOAL" thing wrong.
I want to make my family a HAPPY family and I don't always think that is just an "I" goal.
There are LOTS of goals I would LOVE to set for myself. But for right now I think what this Family needs is OUR GOALS!!!

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