Monday, April 23, 2012

Special Olympics Season is ON!!!

Yes!! my son won a GOLD medal in Basketball.
The Red Devils would be PROUD!!!
And the fact that he won GOLD in Star Valley makes it even a sweeter VICTORY!!
Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and I all went with him..
No, Toree and Tayson you say..
Well see those lazy bums wouldnt get out of bed to drive to Star Valley Saturday morning.
So they got LEFT!
Ha, that will teach them..
We had a ball.
ENJOY the pictures

He even carried in the Banner!

Baskelball Players and Clay's Dad!
We all are in tye-dye!

He would have made the Red Devils Proud!!!
Basketball Camp paid off.

Look even Dad came with us!
Grandpa was there too,
but hid from the camera.

LOVE this Kiddo

Tanner, Cody, and Samuel

Clay and Tanner

That's RIGHT people that is how we ROLL!!!!

 Ok, so in this one he wasnt so HAPPY!! It could have "POSSIBLY" be that
I was Screaming and Clapping Like a CRAZY fool!!!
 I was one proud Mama!

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