Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This maybe a VERY touchy subject for some,

Do you Vaccinate your children??

All three of my children are Vaccinated.
I have one son on that is apparently 1 in 88.
Amoung other issues
I have a son with Epilepsy.
I have a daughter with ADD/ADHD.
When I was working in a Dr's office I did vaccinations DAILY!
I have MANY MANY friends that DO NOT vaccinate.
(And yes we are still friends)

There is MORE and MORE counterversies (sp) especially with April being Autism Awareness Month and the new CDC numbers coming out with the increase in Autism Diagnosises.
1 in 88
1 in 54 boys!

I know in my heart of hearts that my son was born with AUTISM.
I know that it could be worse.
I know that Epilepsy runs like WILD-FIRE on my side of the Family,
I know that ADD/ADHD is in The Spatig-Blood.-LOL

But. yet I still have had my children vaccinated.
Some I am fearfull of.
 That is the shots Tayson received 6 days before his first seizure.
But through MRI's and CT Scans I know now that is NOT what caussed his seizure.
Tanner has been on the end of Developmental Delay since the day I had him..
I knew it from that DAY!!
But, none of the Doctors I took him to would test him.

I would LOVE to send them a copy of the
213 pages!!!
I have of Doctors and Specialist and Evals
 that I know have in his chart.
I am not even really sure if that is all of them,
And yet again we are off for MORE eval and testing!
Each Doctor we see tells me there is too much going on.
I had one Doctor tell me that it was out of her scope.
For that I was THANKFUL,
that she didnt continue to "play" with his
Medication and therapies
that we not necessary.

I have rambled on and on!
But I am still curious...
Do you vaccinate your children??
Have you noticed any "developmental delays" that were not there before???

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Aka Super Mommy said...

Belle has had all of her vaccinations except the MMR. I chose to delay it because I read that it only boosts her percentage of immunity from 95% to up to 99%. And why are so many combined now? It seems like too many, too fast. Also, there's so much uncertainty about what is causing the surge in autism, who am I to say that it doesn't play a role in some cases? Belle's made so much progress lately & I can't help but wonder if she would have made the same progress if she'd gotten her booster shot on time. I can see the good in vaccinations, but I really think it's time for some real research so we can get some answers. I'm sick of the finger pointing at parents.