Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My new version of "NORMAL"/ I am not handling this as well as I thought!!

I thought that I was handling this well

But after this field trip I have learned that I am NOT!!!!

Now that Tanner is getting older I think I need to re- think

MY way of NORMAL!

Ok, so picture this.......
a bus full of about 40 kids age 9-10 yr olds..

all of them playing their DS's..
Tanner listening to his Ipod../the noise is TOO much!!!

all of the kids sitting with their kids..
Tanner sitting on his Mom's lap/ the kids are to LOUD!!

The kids are all nice to him,
they say hi and move to their seats.
Tanner is not fazed by this at all..
Not once does he seem like this nit normal, @ the park outside the museum he stands by me and doesnt go play with the other kids.
At lunch he sits with the Special Aids and teachers that are there.
I almost thought for a minute it was because I was there.
But no they have told me before he always sits with them.

But I am...
I sit there wondering what it would be like if Tanner was "NORMAL".
He would not be in the same grade as any of these kids,
He actually would not even be at there school.
He would be in the 6th grade which is Middle School.
He would be playing sports,
Skateboarding @ the skate park.
He should be going to Scouts.
He should be playing Fast Pitch.. Not Zuka pitch!
He should be able to walk to the park to shoot hoops.

I guess yesterday was an eye opening day for me.
This is the life Tanner lives EVERYDAY!!
Never complaining!
Laughing and Joking!

So, why does this bother me?????
Am I being selfish?
He is the BEST kiddo...
How is this fair?

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