Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Genetic Evaluation=GREAT confusion ans NOT many answers

As some of you may know in Feb. Tanner finally had a Genetic Panel Test done at PCMC.
Well on Wednesday of last week we were finally able to get into the Specialist to have them tell us what they found.
Apparently even his Genetic results show he continues with the
 shocking I know!
His 12th chromosome on the LONG P arm is missing a piece.
What exactly does that mean???
I have no clue!!!!!
They want us to do some more testing with Paul and I.
And that test only cost $5,000.00 for each of us.
CRAZY, I know.
They say that with this chromosome abnormality his diagnoises dont really make sense.
That with this 12th chromosome breakage BEHAVIORS that they see in Tanner is NOT common.
So, to sum it up I am still as confused about GENETICS as I was when they first called.
Hopefully when they send the report I will be able to read it an research it more...

On a side note the house is coming along GREAT!
All the painting is done.
So we wait for it to dry so we can get pictures hung!
And vinyl on the walls.

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