Monday, July 16, 2012

Helicopter Mom-- yeap thats me.

This is always the HARDEST part of the year with Tanner.
This will be his 5th school in 6 years.
Mostly because they have decided it wasnt the right school for Tanner...
His behaviors are increasing, and he is getting bigger
I will be the Mom.
The Mom of a child with AUTISM.
That most people try to understand,
but when they see it happen they dont know what to do.
Over the last little while I have come to realize that I am a.........
Helicopter Mom!!
I am sure this is coming to you all as a HUGE SHOCK--LOL
But yes I have decided I need to lay low for awhile.
Let Tanner do his thing.
Let the meltdowns come.
Let the phone calls begin.
Let the sleepless nights come to an end.
Let the teachers take care of business.
Let everyone see his "true" colors.

I have been taking the boys to Summer School for the last 3 weeks...
Tanner is suppose tostart his day at 8 am (LOL).
Well that didnt workout so well,
He goes to school at 11 with Tayson.
And I am suppose to pick them up at 1:30.
Well I usually get tanner out of the car and to class by 1145.
Tayson is already to go and practically JUMPS out of the car when we get there.
Then I get to classroom and he runs out the door.
I try to leave with him in the good hands of his teacher,
And he runs.
We take him to recess and he runs.
Tanner has RAN away from school before and I am scared he will again.
So I hauver.
I make sure he is safe.
I make sure his classmates are Safe.
And then I go home for 45 minutes before I have to go get him and Tayson.

Its a crazy life being a HELICOPTER MOM!!
but at least I am letting him SOAR!!!

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