Monday, July 9, 2012

2 years...Since Tanner said good-bye to his BEST FRIEND.

I woke this morning and was getting the boys ready for Summer School.
Tanner was fighting it as per-normal.
Tayson was ready to go.
Tanner didnt sleep at all last night also per-normal lately.
When he finally did wake up all he did was cry...
He cried at school.
He cried when I picked him up.
He cried on the way to grandma's house.
He cried just sitting on the couch.
When I aksed him why he was so sad today he looked at me,
 and said you woke me up.!!!
I apologized and said well Bud you had to get up.
He said he was dreaming of riding horses with Grandma Ila and Preslee.
I cried with him.
Preslee was his "girlfriend"
He loved his Preslee.
He has talked about her often over the last 2 years since her accident.
He prays for her EVERY day.
He asked about her all the time.

Her Parents Pat and Ashley were always so wonderful with Tanner,
I miss them!
He misses them..
They are AMAZING people.
Go to their blog page at
and read their AMAZING story
 you will see WHY
Tanner LOVES them so much.

That is when it hit me!
Poor Tanner's little heart is breaking all over again for his Pres.
I cant ev en imagine what it is like for Ashley and Pat.
But I can tell you.
Preslee, Grandma Ila and Tanner have
been riding horse together in his dreams.
They went for a walk in the park.
They had sno-cones with the JUICE!
Sorry Ashley, Tanner let her have Juice.
And well it just goes to prove have thin that veil is between Tanner and Heaven,...

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