Thursday, August 2, 2012

The BIG day is finally here!!!!

And as excited as I am there is a HUGE part of me that does NOT want tomorrow to come.

We have been WAITING for so long it seems to actually get a Diagnosis for Tanner that I am SCARED!!

He has gone to so many different Doctors and Specialist that all come to ONE conclusion that is he is a COMPLICATED CASE!

Like  I was NOT fully aware of the fact he is COMPLICATED!!!
But I do have a feeling that THIS appointment will answer questions that both Paul and I have had.
Hopefully there will be NO more testing for a while.
And we will be able to NOW find out who can help him
and what other services will work BEST for him.:)
I have always known from the MINUTE I saw his cute little face there was something about him that would ROCK my world.
And now I have found someone that I hope will be able to help us and give us answers!!!
SO, if tomorrow there is a  post of

You will all know that she said he was COMPLICATED and changed NOTHING!!

So here is too a Diagnosis that will make sense.


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