Friday, March 5, 2010

"Not another moment lost to Seizures!!!!"

Now that I made you all listen to me whine last month this month I am asking for your support..(I am VERY needy)..March is Epilepsy Awareness Month and on March 26th it is "Purple Day". My family is trying to spread awareness of this date and would like everyone to wear purple that day. We are making ribbons and shirts to wear and it has become a Family Affair..We are having fun..We hope you will all mark this date on your calendar and help us show our support!!!!!!!!
Thank You and we love you all


Alicia said...

OH Cherisa....You are a Saint, and one day we will look back upon these days and wonder where they all went to! Little "bumps" in the road. That's what I like to call them now!! You are an AMAZING mom and person to endure all of these trials and Heavenly Father is so aware of your daily "bumps!!" Hang in there!! I love you so much!!

Michelle said...

Dear Cherisa - I recently came across your lovely blog and saw your posting about Purple Day! Thank you very much for supporting epilepsy awareness!

If you have not already, I'd also like to invite you to apply to our Ambassadors of Purple program at

I have added your blog to the list of people blogging about Purple Day at feel free to contact me with any questions you may have:

Very best regards,

Michelle Caplan

Partnership Executive
Purple Day

Tate, MeriBeth & Presdee said...

OK Mother Cherisa! I'm in. I love purple.