Friday, October 15, 2010

It was the FIRST time this EVER happen.

Well yesterday was a first for us in Wyoming....
It was the first time I ate at the Don Pedros on Front Street.
It was the first time I got to go to lunch without "MY" children in a LOOOONNNGG time.
It was also the first time I answered my phone to the Principal saying I needed to get to Tanners school ASAP and that the police were on their way.. Now to remind you all Tanner is the one that if it is during the school day and a schhol number pops up I automatically answer the phone with an I'm on my way or What did he do now...
Needless to say he cant go back to school until Thursday that will the 21st.. Yes I know.. what am I going to do??????????????? ADVICE??
A BIG thank you goes out the school though, they did an awesome job!!!!

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Kevin + Marcy said...

Hey, lady! I just wanted to say hello. And Kev had a great idea I had to follow through with: we want to let you know how much Marshall loves his Toy Story camping chair you let us buy off of ya back in July. Hope you guys are having a fun Halloween weekend!