Friday, August 12, 2011

Picture overload and LOVING my family

Toree is now 13 and every bit a Girl!!!!!

(notice the skinned up nose, that is what happens when you drive into a NO DIVING pool)

My AMAZING Grandma turned 80 !!!!
Everyone came to surprise her....
I gave her gallbladder surgery:) Seriously she went in the next week
This is Grandpa and Grandma at her Birthday Party!
We went to Lagoon!!!
We went to Casper!!!
We went to OutLaw games!!!:)
The family!!!!
OK!!!!! so there is an overload of pictures!!!! But after reading my friend Tiffany's blog. I just wanted to share with you all my Amazing family and the last 3 weeks!!!! NOW, NOW I noticed Toree wasn't in many pictures, but she was there... Except for the Casper trip-- she was at Cherry Hill with her friend Shae!!!

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