Friday, May 1, 2009

OK, so it is May and I haven't posted for a while!!!!

The last few weeks have been aawfully crazy at my house so I thought that I would let everyone know that we are still HERE just not BLOGGING so much..But I have enjoyed reading everyone elses Blogs even if I do Forget to comment back.....
Paul has started a new sememster at school...2 classes are online...So help us if we all survive this chore of being quite enough for Dad to do his school work every night..!!!
Toree is doing good she has been BUSY, none of us know with what, everytime you ask her to help you she is BUSY!!!!( I need to be 11 again!)--LOL
Tanner is still LOVING going to Journeys everyday...And we are seeing some progress in some of his skills that they work on there...JUST REMEMBER---Dont change his routine!!---that is what we have all agreed on..We love Allie she is his worker and she is awesome!!Amber is his Speech Therapist, and the funny thing is I work with her everyday...THANK YOU everyone for your support and understanding with Tann.
Tayson is 2,....Do I need to say more. My Sweet little BONUS baby. It about breaks my heart everyday when I have to drop him off at Daycare....I miss him all day long..He and Toree are the best of friends...Tanner and he are just boys!!!
And I have been called to be the asst. girls camp leader in my ward and cant wait for camp in June..


NanaRusson said...

OK, So my sweet Cherisa, how my heart swells with joy when you talk about being involved in so much and still catch a hint of happiness in your opportunity to serve in YW. You are my little sweetheart. Hang in there! Love forever, Aunt Eva.

Mikol said...

BUSY, BUSY...sometimes thats all you can say. Good to see that everyone is doing well. Congrats on your girls camp calling, that should be good time.