Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Away

This is a attempt to post something on the page eithout my wife. She's at girls camp near Plalisades. She gets to experience camping at it's finest in the rain. It's been raining up here allmost everyday for hours at a time. We all know how much she love's camping without good bathrooms around. The kids are at grandma's for the week in Wyoming, how they are being good. I'm am at home this week working and trying to get my homework done but it's hard not having the kids to yell at and it's very quiet. It is a good think Kelby seems to come over.

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NanaRusson said...

Wow Paul, Way to go on the blog! Poor Cherisa in the rain. Oh well, it makes for wonderful memories. Looks like you have some kids who love cars, too. Keep studying. You'll be glad you did. Love, Aunt Eva