Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camping like this isnt TOO bad!!!

This weekend we got to go camping with the Burrows and the other Spatigs. We went to Lava Hot Springs. Everyone had a ball. We all came home with a sunburn and I found out that Tanner LOVES water slides and tubing the rapids. Toree want to do the "platform" diving board (which she is too young for) and she has NO FEAR of water she is also quiet a good little tuber, Tayson hates water and being cold.. I hope you enjoy the Spatig-Way of Roughin' it... It ROCKED!!!!!!Enjoy the pictures, and by the way the hot spring are AWESOME!!!!! The Only Girls in our Family:
(there are 7 boy cousins)
each of these girls are the only girls in there Families
Toree and Dad Hittin the Rapids


( Tayson was FREEZING!!)

This picture took Four of us to put him on that slide for this picture

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NanaRusson said...

Cherisa, I love reading your posts. You do a great job keeping us up on things..I think Lava Hot Springs would be a great choice for the reunion. It would sure be a lot closer for you and Paul. I'll be hopin' for you. Maybe you could suggest it to Alicia. Love you so much..Aunt Eva