Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We now call him.."PAUL-WONG"

OK... So let me explain. My dear sweet "strange-childhood" husband Paul NEVER went to Yellowstone as a child..I KNOW!!!
I thought everyone went there at least once on a family vacation as a child..Not him, his family vacation included transpoting horse in motorhomes..I dont ask when he tells me stories of his childhood., we are just lucky he survived..
Any-Whooo... We went to Yellowstone to meet up with Mom and Dad and 263 pictures later we realized all Paul was missing was an acent and canvas camera strap. We all had a ball.


The Fry Family said...

Im jealous thats all

NanaRusson said...

Ahhh! Beautiful Yellowstone. It's so massive. I can go there year after year and never tire of it. I'm so glad Paul is in our family. We love you both so much! Aunt Eva

Alicia said...

That is hilarious about Paul "Wong!" It looks like you guys had a blast!! I'm just sad that I missed it. You guys aren't supposed to go to Yellowstone without me. (By the way, aren't you proud of me that I'm commenting on your blog?) I love you so much!!