Friday, April 15, 2011

I can NOT believe that April s almost over!!

So apparently I don't keep this very up to date. We did make it successfully home from PCMC on March 22. Tanner did well and they took him off all his seizure medication. Which I was a bit nervous about at the time, but it has seemed to do well for him. We made a trip down to the Riverton PCMC and saw Dr. Filloux his new neurologist on the 4th of April and he wasmore concerned with Autism and the effect it his having on his little brain than anything else. So we continue off the Medication for seizures---YEAH!!!! And he WAS doing exteremely well UNTIL Tuesday April 12.. Got a phone call from Tanner's school that he had wentA-WALL and the police had ben called and that the Principal and Mrs. Bailey ( LOVE LOVE her) were with him. Even though he was off school Grounds!!THANK YOU TO THEM!! Needless to say Tanner got 2 day suspension and Mrs. Bailey had to go to the ER because he scratched her hand so bad.. Poor lady, but we LOVE her- OH yeah I already mentioned that..Then we found out that he had strep ( like EVERY kid in evanston) possibly why he had the melt down.. Toree is now 13.... Oh my goodness. I went with her to new beginnings on Tuesday, It was noce just me and her.. She is kinda bummed right now. With her foot in the walking boot for the last 6 weeks she had Missed track and swimming alon with soft ball try-outs.. her is to next year. She is on the honor roll and seems to be doing good at the school here. Which is a belssing.. Tayson got his tonsils out on March 25 and we ended up having to re admit him for 3 days because of dehydration and observation.. It took him a while to get over it all, but he is doing well now,, He LOVES pre-school and is quiet the "ladies Man" We love our Mater!!! Don't know what we ever did for entertainment without him!!! Hope all is well with you all and your families!!!!!!!!

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