Monday, March 21, 2011


Well we made it safely to PCMC on Friday the 18th and we are still here.. Apparently Tanner's brain has decided not to seize while we are all here.. SO WE WAIT~~!!!!!!!
Then is heart-rate went all crazy so they do a EKG...Of course they show NORMAL!!!
Sugar Gluclose is NORMAL.
They have drawn blood for MORE test, we have stopped seizure medication,we have gone sleep deprived and rode bikes, looked at strope lights and even the hyperventalating..... AND WE WAIT!!!!!
Still NO seizures which is a GOOD and Bad thing, Now we are trying to figure out exactly what the abnormallities in his brain really are!!!
Tommorrow we meet with a nutrionalist to figure out a diet for Tanner at home.
HOME---- we will be there soon. I love the staff at PCMC they are the BEST of the BEST!!! And they are NOT stopping until they figure all this out.... too bad Tanner is so complicated!!! and
WE WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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