Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Life and ALL the Doctor Appointments in it!!! Well for May anyways

Toree had to go back to the Ortho. Dr for her foot, She was VERY happy that she was able to FINALLY get her cast off. After 2 1/2 cast and a walking boot for 6 weeks it is finally healed..YEAH!!!
Tayson went yesterday to the Neurologist at PCMC ( have I mentioned I LOVE that PLACE)
we are going to have to do some more EEG's on him to find out what the real severity of his seizure activity . They gave me some new EMERGENCY seizure for him call DIASTAT. The doctor in Idaho wanted me to have some on hand, but our insurance wouldn't cover it and it is VERY expensive. THANK goodness for the insurance in WYOMING. Any how she also went ovver LOTS of seizure producal with Tayson, Tanner and I while we were there. I think it made bothe the boys feel like grwon ups because she told Tanner the rules for Tayson. And Tayson got the rules for Tanner and what to watch for in case of any seizure acitivity. Tayson has to go down for a 24 hour EEG when they get it scheduled. Paul said he would take him.. We'll see how that turns out, Tayson in bed for 24+ hours, I am glad I took Tanner...LOL
Tanner went and seen an AUTISM specialist in Casper Wyoming.. AMAZING lady, we will be heading there again in JULY for some gentic testing and other special tests..She also wants him to have a sleep study.
So there you have it all in a NUT shell.. My LIFE and all the Doctor Appointments in it!!!

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