Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BAM!!!! I got this!

As I have been thinking over the last few days about how lucky I am to have the challenges in my life I wonder if I really am as Grateful for them as I should be. I see and hear everyday of other peoples great Life challenges and wonder how they can handle what is happening with their own life. Then I remember Heavenly Father only gives you what he knows you can handle...
Some people I see I wonder if they ever think, I CAN NOT HANDLE ANYMORE and then BAM!!
That is when I look around me and with a smile on my face I think this isnt TOO bad.

The other night I went to a baseball game with the family and Tanner had a MAJOR meltdown.. Now mind you the ballfields were packed and it was just about time to end one group of games and start another... I can handle this...BAM-- he throws himself on the ground and by this time it looks like a High School fight is happening with the crowd of people that Have suurounded us.. And I hear some guy going off about parents like me thinking it is ok for our children to act like this in public.. Thank Heavens for the sweet Candy Counter ladies that heard him came running out and nipped that in the butt. She also has a children with Autism and understands.
But I was so appreciative of her. And all I thought to myself was I GOT THIS!!!!!
I havent yet found out what I have got.. But No matter what I know it is GOOD!!!

Toree jumped right on board with the meltdown and took over as tayson's mom and Knew right what to do to remove him from the situation. I was greatful for her. Right now she is at Girls Camp and I am sad I am not with her, But BOY do I miss her yelling, screaming, slamming the doors at us face...

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Mikol said...

This is so true! I know we all have trials and things we are dealing with and it seems we are the only ones at times going through anything. You do a great job with your children!