Monday, December 5, 2011

This is what I want!!

Today, Today I AM mad,
I AM sad
I want EVERYONE to understand. But to be honest I dont really know.
I want you to see the little boy that comes home crying because YOUR son called him retarded!! I want to see the way you break him when you say HE CANT DO that!!
I want you to explain to him why he has to sit alone in that room until he calms down.
I want you to be told where your son will sit, where he will go to school, what friends he can talk to today..
I want you to have bathe your son ,
I want you to care for your son for 100% of his daily care.
I want you to lay in bed and cry yourself to sleep because...,
You cant go to school for him and you can NOT take his pain away.
The pain he doesnt undestand enough to tell you about.
I want you go watch ALL the other kids he age do what they do everyday and wonder if you will EVER see your son do that!!!
I want your heart to break when people ask you "what 's wrong" with him.
I want you to explain to your oldest daughter that it is ok to have her friends come over and HOPE there is NO meltdown.
I want you to STOP!!!!
I want you stop judging my parenting skills because of the way he acts at school.
I want you to come pick him up from the grocery store when he has a meltdown and you can't get him out of the store alone.
I want you to have EVERYONE tell you what you do wrong EVERYDAY, because they know how you should do it all!!
I want you to understand that I AM A MOM... I LOVE him unconditionally!!!
I will FIGHT this battle with him, because if not who will.
I will shower him,
I will wash his face,
I will tie his shoes,
I will write his name.
I will hold his hand through his life.
I will teach him.
WHATever he wants!!!!
HE is NOT broken!!!! Please STOP trying to fix him!!!!!

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