Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gray Matter Heterotopia

Yeap that is what I said.... Does any of you know the meaning??
Yesterday I took Tayson down to good ol' PCMC to see the neurologist. We were talking about possibly tappering him off his seizure medication. At which time she suggested an EEG of his brain to see if there was any change in his seizure activity.. Well she called today and said in fact he shows EXTREME seizure activity one the right side of his brain, which explains why when he did seize it was on the Left side of his body. That night 2 years ago was HORRIBLE to watch his little body seize and we we do NOT want that again!!!! So we are keeping him on the current dose. But while we were there Dr. Neilson explained that when he had his MRI a while ago it showed that he has GRAY-MATTER HETEROTOPIA. It is were when the brain develops that not all of the cells develop correctly and cause a gray look to them, where Tayson's is located on his brain is on the Right side where the seizure activity is prone too. It is also on the part of the brain that controls speech and motor skills. So we will continue treating the EPILEPSY part of it and as progression takes place on his brain we will go from there. Of course this is also promptly a "BOY" disorder,, it is also seen in girls BUT not a severely. So I will continue to research a NEW clinical term and see what I can find out and when I do I will continue to share with you.
I am thinking I should find a new career in NEUROLOGY!!!-LOL

Otherwise everything in WYOMING is busy, busy, busy.. Lots of School Christmas Programs coming up!!!:O)

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Shelly said...

There is Gray Matter all over the brain, the disorder does not cause a gray look to the cells. Gray Matter Heterotopia is when gray matter is located at a place in the brain where there would normally be no gray matter. For example, my son has gray matter heterotopia; his extra gray matter is located in a fluid filled space in the back left part of his brain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_matter_heterotopia