Sunday, September 9, 2012

Well I have  completed my 2 first full days as a STAY AT HOME MOM with all her children in school.

Ok so Monday wasnt too bad, and by 1130 I was calling my Mom to see what she was doing..
I couldnt believe it either.
Even worse I called Paul to see if I could come have lunch with him at work!

Thank goodness today was back to norm..
Anyways back to the story.
I had to pick up Tanner for a hearing aid appt.
Then pick up Tayson at 1230.
Tanner was "birthday" shopping with Grma,
then off to the middle school for Toree.
And we were off to Ogden for Tanner and Nikko's party!
shout out to Breann for planning it!
And a SPECIAL thanks to 
Kim's coldblooded friends.
Tanner fell in LOVE with the 40 pound SNAKE!!!
He was cute carried it EVERYWHERE!

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