Sunday, September 9, 2012

Good-Bye Summer

How time flies when you are having fun!!!
What a silly catch fraze.
But how true it is.
I cant believe we are into the 3rd week of school already.
And guess what the kids are LOVING it!!!
All 3 of them have been to school on time and stayed the full day!
This is a GREAT thing especially for Tanner.
Tayson is cruising right along with Kindergarten.
Toree is LOVING being the top dog at Middle School.
Paul starts classes back up tomorrow.
And I am at home,
trying to find my niche in the routine of home life.
It has been a little strange and well even overwhelming at times.
It was easier being home with the kids here.
I now find myself leaving in their cartoon from morning throughout the day.
Just so I have noise.
I am learning I can make the drive to Salt Lake and back before the bus get home.
I am learning that when the phone rings and the school number shows up it IS NOT always to have me come pick up Tanner.
I am learning that it is ok to go have lunch with my friends and NOT feel guilty about not taking the kids.
So se everyone at the Spatig House is learning!

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