Monday, January 10, 2011

One Step at a Time!!!

Tonight for the first time ever I sat at my parents house as the gentleman from the University of Wkyoming was asking us questions to finish up Tanner's DD waiver process. This IS finally the last step..
We were all sitting there Mom, Dad, Me Paul and the kiddos. As he asked the first round of questions it wasnt too bad we were able to get to at least question 10 before the 1 and 0 were our answers.. This I think was much easier for my Mom and I then the men there. To have to actually admit his functioning skills is probually the HARDEST thing for me, because I have always hidden what I do for him from so many people.
Then we got to the final section which is my least favorite part, That would be the Personal Cares section. This is the part where you have to actually speak up and let your childs NEEDS known.. The fact that my 10 year old is not able to wash his hands and face alone without verbal cues, The fact that my 10 year old is NOT able to dress and care for himself alone opened my eyes yet again.
Over the last 2 years since Tanner's diagnoises and all the therapies we have put him in he is NOW able to make friends at school. As a matter of fact on Friday night he took me on a date. Knowing a couple of girls from the office with boys the same age I invited them to join us. It was AMAZING.. The boys laughed and visited.. I laughed and visited and at the end of the 3 hour dinner I thought to myself, "DAMN, look how far we have come Tann".. Yes we have a long ways to go and probually many more melt-downs,.. But we had one successful dinner and his FIRST ever boys NIGHT out,,

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Tiffany said...

Those are some pretty BIG steps for Tanner! Way to go Cherisa! We Idaho friends miss you too! :)