Sunday, January 30, 2011


During the Evanston High School Varsity Games they always have a 50/50 cash drawing and the Castle Rock shoot-out!! This is Tanner when his name was called for the Shoot-out.. And the next game we went to he won the 50/50 which was 65.00 (Lucky kid)

Now to meet the people that are
If you are visiting this blog for the first-time and live in Evanston, Wyoming. The next time you see one of our WONDERFUL High School students running around town. Just smile at them, because that is the best way I can think of to thank them all. This kids have all taken my Tanner under their wing.. He is the "cool" kid that everyone wants to hang with. This kids go above and beyond anything any High School student should. They love my kid and they dont care what other people say.. So to any of you that are their parents, their coaches, or their teachers. These are GREAT kids that need to know that one mom out there watching them is VERY proud of the way you have raised your kids, coached them and taught them!!!
Thank you Evanston Red Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of Tanner's Favorite people..... Thank Tyler #34

I was unable to download all the pictures of our basketball games...We had over 1,000...YES\1,000.. So if you want pictures from any home games let me know!!

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